* This blog is dedicated to the bich (oh yes, I KNOW I spelled it wrong!), moderators at TWOP. Without Strenga et AL, I'd be happily posting-away along with the best of them. Unfortunately, TWOP is a little too heavy-handed, high-falootin' and downright unfriendly.
*(added 2011)-Amended to mean Strega's Real Housewives forum(s) and of course those Bravo Blogs that eat your comments w/o posting them. I still visit TWOP for the best snark.

*(Added April 30th, it has come to my attention that some of the rumors posted on this blog are definitely FALSE. Most rumors are clearly labeled as such, but in case I missed any, please keep that in mind)

*site privacy policy

Updated November 1st 2011 *Privacy Policy*

Q:What does the owner of this site do with information about your visits to this site?

A:The owner of this site does not directly share any personal or identifying information about your visits to the site with anyone. Some information is collected by other parties, and by software that a visitor may have on their own computer.
The owner of this site does allow various "widgets", and "gadgets", and 3rd-party advertising, which uses software that can be used to track demographic and other personally identifying information to visitors of the site such-as IP address and behavior such-as pages visited. The owner of this site is not responsible for other software, or for the behavior of any links that are posted. Any information collected by other companies is covered by their own separate privacy notices.
Also, this site is hosted by "Blogger", which maintains access to information about visitors, and server-logs, etc.Any information about your visits, or behavior while visiting this site, which is known to the owner of the site,is never used by the owner of this site to track or invade one's privacy. Information about visitors to this site, and their behavior while visiting this site, that is made available to the owner of this blog, if it is used; is used to enhance and increase the benefits and performance of the site for the readers and the owner.

Q:What about emails sent to the owner of this site?

A:The owner of this site values her visitors, and protects their privacy by not-sharing information regarding visits to site, and by extension, any identifying information  which could be extracted or contained-in emails.
Furthermore, unless the owner of this site is explicitly given notification to post information contained in emails, ALL information contained-in emails to the owner of this site, is considered private and confidential.

Full credit for guest-blogs, quotes, information etc. from information received in emails, is included in this policy. Please notify me if you give your permission, or would like me to post any identifying information, otherwise it is this site's policy to protect your identity and privacy to the fullest extent of the law.