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Thursday, March 11, 2010

"I Think JILL Did the Right Thing."- (THE COUNTESS)

Really LUANNE? Putting someone, (RAMONA), on speakerphone when they (supposedly, I'm not so sure it wasn't a set-up for dramatic purposes), don't know it, AND luring them to talk about someone else, (who just happens to be right THERE)-"the right thing"??
About what RAMONA rambled on & on & on about, calling LuANNE a "slut", and saying how LUANNE always had boyfriends while she was married to the COUNT.
Just who's benefit was that for?
Was it for US, the viewing audience?
Was it a jab at the COUNT?
Or, was it really the stupid, stupid Fo-PA that it looked-like, and did RAMONA really blab-on like that?????
How could she not know that she was on speakerphone?
And we KNOW that she knew she was on tape.
IF RHONYC turns-out to be as scripted as THE HILLS, and sadly as I learned after the PRINCESS THE SICK DOG, (proven a total F-A-K-E episode), KARDASHIANS, well, I may just stop watching.
"I'm so incredibly true and incredibly genuine"-(KELLY). HuH??
And she says this as it appears that she's forgetting her LINES, I mean what she is going to say.
The only REAL that I saw in this episode, were the DAGGERS that KELLY was shooting out-of-her-eyes, at JILL'S beautiful daughter.
Maybe THAT'S why KELLY has a reputation for leaving parties quickly?
She obviously has a problem with not being the prettiest girl in the room.
And, just WHERE ARE those NEW HOUSEWIVES???? (extra question marks added because I CAN! If I had kissed TWOP butt and had my posting privileges re-instated, I'd be real careful about something so outlaw as that).