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Thursday, March 18, 2010

I'm a hater and a lover

OK, I admit that I watch this crap because I'm a player-hater.
But I don't think that BRAVO could edit THE McCORDS to make me hate them, no matter what they did.
Sure they're phony and pretentious as heck, but they get the joke.
Critics have always said that the casting of the NEW YORK HOUSEWIVES was a little more thoughtful than the others, and with my ALEX, (yes she's my favorite), they finally picked a real winner.
HA HA about her reaction to KELLY'S PLAYBOY thing & the girls reaction compared to how she was treated for a naked photo.
So its ok because its PLAYBOY? or because KELLY asked for permission?
Obviously the second!
I LOVE that there was a flash-back to RAMONA actually walking-out in disgust over it on ANDY'S wrap-up.
JILL is just a bitch. And I think I mean that in a bad way.
I'm watching this episode right now, and the fancy-shcmancy background theme music that they've given ALEX & SIMON is just perfect.
I'm also loving THE COUNTESS so far this season.
So it looks like the only ones left to hate-on this season are BETHANNY, JILL, RAMONA and KELLY.
With JILL winning the hate-prize so far.
Is it because BRAVO'S giving her the bitch-edit? Maybe.
But she sure is giving them material to work with.