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Friday, March 12, 2010


OK-I admit I'm using advertising as CONTENT! Specifically, I scoured AMAZON for RHWONY products. Then I painstakingly created pretty links to the items.

Today I decided to have a look-see at the work that I did last night--it was GONE!
I finally realized that I'm using Firefox©, and I have my ABP, (adblock plus), turned ON.

So, I turned it off and my content/advertisements magically re-appeared.

With ABP in "off"-mode, all you can see is the text that I added, "pre-order from Amazon.com". What you cannot see is that there are several books that the NYC Housewives have written, that will be available in the coming months, even-though they are NOT currently available anywhere else.

Also, a link to RAMONA'S ENTIRE product line, "True-whatever" Jewelry, and her skin-care line.

Maybe I should post a disclaimer? I think I'm justified in calling my AMAZON ads as "content".

The link to DAVID GILMORE'S art, is NOT an advertisement, or a paid-referral btw.