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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Comcast Stole My BRAVO!

One last episode to go and I lost BRAVO yesterday. (channel 38 here).
Apparently, what happened last week, where we recieved the message on some stations from COMCAST, was NOT the last of it.
I'm now being told that unless I rent additional digital recievers @ $1.99 mo. from COMCAST, that I will only get local channels, only up to channel 23.
Yesterday we had "snow", even on the televisions with the COMCAST digital recievers. Today, only the televisions without the recievers are getting snow.
The Board of Public Utilities should have some documentation about this, because COMCAST claims that they do not.
Yes, I can string a wire to a tv that has the reciever, or watch on a tv that has a reciever, OR watch online...OR I can wait for a class-action suit...or rent another box, but I think I'll just wait for FIOS.