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Monday, June 14, 2010

RE-UNION PART II What JILL Didn't Want us to See?

So, JILL told everyone on her FACEBOOK that this show will be on tomorrow. Reports from comments on LYNN'S blog, say that she was notified of her mistake, but instead-of correction the mistake, she deleted the message saying that she had made a mistake.Everything was going good until RAMONA said that JILL called her, (RAMONA), and said not to support BETHENNY, not to ,"let her ride on our coat-tails". Not to film with BETHENNY... ALEX said the same thing.ALEX brought-up the "clue-train", instance. When ALEX tried to tell JILL "if you're ever going to make-up with BETHENNY, now would be a good time...", that BETHENNY was going-through things. And JILL demanded that ANDY "get the tape.".
Andy said no, they couldn't do that.
ALEX said, "It was also online"....JILL told ALEX to stay out of it.
JILL said that she "couldn't get past her anger."
JILL says that issues were taped, that were left-out when JILL & BETHENNY had their discussion.
ANDY read a VIEWER comment, from "DANIELLE", saying something about JILL showing her "true colors" this season.
BETHENNY said that it was enough picking-on JILL.
JILL got-up and left again, and sat-down, and ANDY called for a break.
SONJA is welcomed. She enters stage-left, and sits with B-R-A.
I just got a glimpse of THE FUR VEST. On LUANN, in a clip. THE FUR VEST should have it's own BRAVO Blog.
They chit-chat about sex.
ANDY asks KELLY about one night stands. She says something about how she doesn't want people to get their feelings hurt. (WTH?)
SONJA uses the word, "CUSTOMERS", when talking-about men, and LUANN picks-up on it and tells her maybe she shouldn't call them customers.
TREMONT is SONJA'S maiden-name. She says that she's from "Upstate New York.", and that she used to hang-out at SARATOGA.
SONJA gets a question from a viewer. She says that she dates on Thursdays.
JILL apologised, (again), for a rude remark that she made about SONJA.
A question about SONJA, "claiming poverty" after her divorce. SONJA says that she's always been thrifty.
They discussed JILL using the phrase, "channeling the Devil", at The Brooklyn Fashion Show. And wondered how KELLY used it on SCARY ISLAND, when she had not seen JILL say it 'till the show aired.
Viewer ANNA asks about the "double-cheek kiss.", LUANN says, "Its called the "air kiss."
"Diarrhea of the mouth is not a real ailment"-(BETHENNY)
They show the dumb lines that everyone said.
BRAVO shows a promo for PART III of the Reunion.
RAMONA is uncomfortable in her ZAC POSEN.
OK, I've watched about ten ads in a row including two for booze, and two for cars.
Clips from SCARY ISLAND, KELLY, are shown.
"So KELLY when you watch that what do you feel?"-(ANDY)
KELLY says something about "systematic bullying".
ANDY says "Let KELLY talk".
He tells RAMONA that she looks like a bully when she jumps on her. (RAMONA jumped-up a little to try & interrupt).
He insists that KELLY have the floor without being interrupted.
KELLY is talking about now, or back on the island?
Its hard to tell.
KELLY says that she called her agent and said that she wanted "off this hate-boat."
She says that they had a meeting with BETHENNY on the boat.
BETHENNY says, "You're Krazy."
(actually ALL of the BRA-couch is chomping-at-the-bit to tell KELLY that she is Krazy).
I think that BRAVO may have broken some kind of record for commercials tonight?
KELLY says that she was "forced by BrAVO to go on this trip."-(KELLY)
ANDY says "That's not true."
KELLY says, "Everybody knows that."
ANDY says, "No."
LUANN says that it looks like KELLY "instigated a lot".
BETHENNY blows-up a little, "Its like talking to HUMPTY-DUMPTY".
KELLY walks-off.