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Thursday, June 10, 2010


ALEX & LUANN got into it a little
Jill said to ALEX, "We're not meant to be friends."
"We're not friends."-JILL to ALEX.
"I never called you my friend."-(JILL to ALEX)
BETHENNY, ALEX, and RAMONA were on one couch, JILL, KELLY, LUANN were on the other. ANDY was in the middle.
"Every time that we get something that you want, you fight back... you fight dirty..you go to the press."-(ALEX to JILL).
JILL said something about "Don't we all do that?" I think those PR people must have gave her that line?
JILL told ALEX that she had proof that ALEX tried to do something to a charity that JILL was involved-in.
"We're not friends, we never were."-JILL to ALEX
(a viewer said that SIMON looked bloated this year.)
Coming-back from the break, they focused on RAMONA.
I just noticed how lady-like RAMONA was when she was doing TURTLE-TIME.
JILL nodded in agreement at the nasty email that ANDY read from a viewer about RAMONA.
(JILL, is a bitch).
RAMONA says that she has had NO PLASTIC SURGERY. but, "Injectables isn't plastic surgery.", and that she's had "What everyone else has had".
KELLY called RAMONA out after a viewer asked about RAMONA'S kiss on the HOOTER'S yacht.
JILL is admitting to a lot of crap, but not pulling it off very well. "Maybe I did that.", and saying it with some kind of attitude, but it sounds very forced.
LUANN says, "This is a reality show, its not scripted, so that's what you get."
BRAVO did a square-box of JILL'S face while BETHENNY's segment was being shown.
The camera keeps looking-at JILL, JILL is giving happy looks to BETHENNY.
KELLY accuses BETHENNY of having "people" putting things in the press about her & her family.
BETHENNY says, "What people?"
ALEX jumped-in to help defend BETHENNY. She says that she doesn't remember ever seeing anything in the press about KELLY'S family. (and nobody else does either, including KELLY)
KELLY ended it with an eye-roll. She almost said "ZIP-IT!", but stopped herself, and said, "forget it."
BETHENNY started crying a little when she talked about public reaction to her POAS.
Its KELLY'S turn. She says that she is positive that BETHENNY didn't talk to PAGE SIX, herself.
At this point, RAMONA got-up to" air-out her lady-parts", as KELLY from REGIS & KELLY put it on WWHL.
Does KELLY realize that  it was probably someone from the courts that alerted PAGE SIX to the domestic violence charge against KELLY? That it is public-record? WHY does she insist on blaming BETHENNY???
JILL'S segment. JILL is trying to cry, but its not happening. They are showing her at her WORST. the stuff that made everyone hate her guts.
They are switching between JILL & BETHENNY in the little square, showing reaction on the couch.
JILL is sniffling & acting like she's crying. There is some water under her eye. She says, "I'm sorry." to BETHENNY.
"I'm a New York bitch."-(JILL)
She says that "done", isn't "done",
BETHENNY says, "What really happened was...this fame thing took you over..you used to be a nice girl."
"You got very worked-up about things that were happening for me."-(BETHENNY)
BETHENNY says that she was afraid to tell JILL about anything that was happening for her because JILL would try and "do something about it."
"You sent me a message that said, BOBBY & I put you on that show."-(BETHENNY)
 JILL keeps saying, "That's not true."
They all talk about plots not to film with each other. That JILL told everyone not to film with BETHENNY, to let her go off and do her own show.
JILL & BETHENNY argue about if JILL wanted to make-up off-camera or not.
(there's a commercial on now. All I can say is AMAZON-GATE! JILL! She says all of this supposedly sincere stuff, but Susan Saunders, or whoever she was, (JILL), tried to post a bad review for BETHENNY'S book, a dirty-trick that she thought that nobody would catch.)
BETHENNY says that JASON doesn't care for JILL that much.
JILL really starts crying now, says that she misses BETHENNY, says, "I'm done.", and walks-off.
(ANDY says next week, "The gloves are off".)
Without a commercial break, they take us right into BETHENNY'S new show.