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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Bon Voyage Jill Zarin? Predictions and Ideas


Is it true? Is Jill Zarin leaving The Real Housewives of New York City?
I put on my special read-between-the-lines decoder glasses, and attempted to find clues in the press release, "scoop", that Naughty but Nice Rob  published on The Huffington Post (article link here).
This press release fly-on-the-wall report, basically said that Jill will not be returning to RHWONYC.
Andy Cohen Tweeted a message this week stating that changes are being made, so I think its safe to say that there is a good chance of a shake-up in the NYC cast.
But what's to become-of Jill? Hmmm. She's hinted-at some new project with her radio-braodcasting/co-author sister, Lisa. And she also posted about her husband, Bobby Zarin becoming a "Tweeter".
Of all of The Real Housewives, I must say that Jill Zarin is the least-likely to just sail-off into the sunset never be heard-from again.
So I looked real-hard at that press-release, Huff-Po article, and the following statement made some sense to me.
"...it’s time to take her parents on the cruise of a lifetime they have always wanted to do...." (Huffinton Post)
Ahhh.....was this just a throw-away comment? I don't think-so. It appears that Gloria and Sol, (Jill's parents), have already earned their "sea-legs", along with Jill and Bobby Zarin. I don't know for sure if they actually cruised together last February as  was planned, (link here), where Jill invited people to

"Please join Bobby & Me, and my parents, Gloria & Sol for 7 days to the Caribbean" (from Cruising with Jill & Bobby)

 But what exactly is a "cruise of a lifetime"? Now that I've firmly planted myself in my traveling-armchair with Bobby, and Jill, and Gloria, and Sol, I'm excited about this trip! Regent Seven Seas, which is the cruise-line that Jill was promoting last year, actually does have an "adventure of a lifetime" (cruise link here) category of journey. I'm thinking that this is probably a 7 to 21 day voyage? But further-on down the list of itinerarys, is what really catches my eye. The Grand Voyage.
Now that's what I'm talkin' about. Regent Seven Seas offers several Grand Voyage packages, ranging-from 71 to 120-day journeys.
Armchair-traveling is all-about imagining the perfect trip, so I'm doing just that. The perfect trip, and perfect departure from NYC, for Jill Zarin, would be in my imagination at least, a Grand Voyage, for Jill and her entourage, PLUS, the Bravo cameras. (so that we all get to go too!).
The Morocco trip was a rating-bringer for Bravo this season, and remember how Jill became homesick for Bobby and wished that he were there? Bravo likes to send Housewives on trips, but other than that, they, (Bravo), haven't delved into the travel-industry as a theme for Reality-television.
Am I psychic? Or did I just give Andy, and Bravo a great idea? If I did just invent this show idea by myself, I'd love to tell Bravo that I'd like to be paid for my idea with a free ticket! Unfortunately, I personally suffer from Mal D'Barq from the French,"bad dis-embarkation". Not sure if I spelled it right, but it's a real ailment and the only way to prevent it is to not get on boats. Basically, its the opposite of sea-sickness, where you become sea-sick after you get off the boat and it can stay with a person for months after traveling.
So I'd be perfectly content to watch Jill and her zany travel companions sail the high seas from the comfort of my armchair. How about it Bravo? Jill re-arranging the seating at the Captain's table? Jill and Gloria climbing pyramids? Jill and Bobby visiting The Pope?.....as-far as the rest of the crew from NYC, I'm sorry but there are just some Housewives who have passed their expiration date for me. Alex and Simon have hinted at an Egyptian opportunity in their future, and a short excursion to visit them , (on Jill's Grand Voyage-see I even thought of a title!), would be enough of them for me. Personally, I've seen more than enough of Ramona and Kelly, but I wouldn't mind it if Lu-ann got on-board. Maybe she could be the lounge-act? I'd like to see Sonja remain as a housewife. So in my opinion, Sonja could be the anchor to the original cast, and as far as I could care, Bravo can clear-the-deck, and bring on a whole new crew for the rest.
Ever since I've seen CoCo and Ice T on E, I've been thinking that CoCo would make a great Housewife. And I always wonder why Howard Stern's wife Beth Ostrosky's name isn't brought-up when nominating NYC Housewife candidates? She certainly doesn't need the $$, but from what I've seen she does invest a lot of work into charity related to animals. And why must Bravo continue to ghettoize the Housewives?
Miami gave us some ethnic diversity, which was a big plus. But can't they find any Housewives-of-different-colors in New York City OR New Jersey? I'm what you would call, "a white person", myself, and I wouldn't consider myself to be overly racially sensitive, (because I'm not)- so if someone like myself finds the stereotypical NY/NJ Housewife to be racially offensive, (by lack-of diversity), then believe me, its very offensive.
Cindy was just another dud. When the most interesting thing about a cast-member is whether or not they have an incestuous relationship going-on with her brother Howie, I think its safe to say that nobody wants her to return.
Blogger was acting funny, so I haven't blogged here for awhile, and I think that I still owe you guys one more final chapter to my "epic" series, and I haven't really wrapped-up Season 4. But from what I've seen everybody is in agreement that the Re-unions, (and pretty much the entire season!), were stinkers.
So those are my ideas  and predictions about Season 5 of The Real Housewives of New York City. I wonder if I'll get any right?