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Friday, March 26, 2010

Episode 3-Boring

Is it me or was last night's episode a big bla?
The scene between BETHENNY & JASON was so obviously scripted that it would have been better if BETHANNY would have cracked-up and said, "cut-let's do that again".

Maybe it was me because I was watching with someone else, and when I polled them about JASON'S gayness, (or not-gayness), they said, "Well-it's really none of your business anyway."

No it isn't, but for the fact that they're putting this on television and asking viewers to believe that what we are seeing is REAL.

Alright, maybe we're past that, but the main concepts, like BETHENNY & JASON being an implied heterosexual couple in love are not something that BRAVO can cheat us with.

Just because JASON is a good-looking guy, in Manhattan, who dresses well, just because he makes my gaydar go-off, does that mean he has to be gay?

Hmmmm. Maybe I'm WRONG and maybe that's how JASON was available in the first place?
What I mean there is that it is possible that JASON has been over-looked by women who assumed the same thing as I did?

Especially in NYC.

In any event that foot-rubbing, "let's move-in together." scene between JASON & BETHENNY on the couch just felt so badly-acted from my perspective, that I'm wondering if BETHENNY is planning on phoning-in this entire season just to collect her check?

I fell-asleep so I didn't see what happened after KELLY drank the margarita, maybe it got more exciting after that?