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Thursday, April 1, 2010

I'm on Team BETHENNY

I'm back to liking BETHENNY.
JILL, on the other hand, is on my bad-list.
1st of all, BETHENNY is my hero, for asking, "Why are you putting me on speaker-phone?", and then, "Is anyone else listening to this conversation?", and "is it intentional?" (OUCH-she nailed it there).

JILL, on the other hand, (once again!), used her speaker-phone, like a weapon.
And then had the nerve to lie, and in the confessional, tried to wiggle-out of it by saying that BETHENNY didn't directly guess that LUANNE was listening.

As for the great indignity that BETHENNY did, besides the stupid, "Get a hobby." remark, not calling JILL's husband directly when he was diagnosed with cancer, personally, I can see how BETHENNY might not want to call her BF's husband about a personal problem, especially when it sounds-like JILL was being distant to her already at that time.

Those looked like real tears BETHENNY was crying. Even though this is reality-tv, which I'm learning more & more is scripted as hell, and I'd like to think that this is a fake-fight, because that would really make sense, like one of them said, "the damage is done.", and it appears that there are some real hard feelings there.

The whole team JILL, team BETHENNY may be a little BRAVO joke, but it comes at the expense of a friendship.

When LUANNE mentions "the sophistication of the city.", all I can think-of is rats. (sorry NYC). And when LUANNE equates sophistication with public transportation-she loses me completely. I'm really starting to think that LUANNE could really be the "ditzy" one in this group.