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Thursday, April 8, 2010

JILL is still a biach

What is the bravotalkbubble.com ? Is this season over yet?

Its so confusing with BETHENNY not even being preggers yet in the series, yet in real life, we see photos of her wedding and any minute now baby.

Not to mention the NJ preview spots. Oh great, how many more times do we get to hear "PROSTITUTION WHORE!"?

I did see the "table-flip" episode again today, and I noticed something new, right before the "flip" Theresa screamed something about what's-her-name, DANNIELLE being "engaged 19 times". I guess I'll never understand why Theresa became so enraged there.


So I checked-out a site called REALITY TEA, and they have photos, and an interview with a 25 year-old kid about VIKI from ORANGE COUNTY HOUSWIVES. All I can say is, it doesn't surprise me. REALITY TEA also claims that all of the NYC HOUSEWIVES pull-in 150,000 per season, and that they are hot-on-the-trail trying to determine if BRAVO is forcing the "script", or drama on all-of the HOUSEWIFE franchises.
There is a quote about one housewive saying that she was led to believe that only "drama-bringers"-would be "HOLDING AN APPLE".

I think I'd like to throw apples at my television set. Drama on the BROOKLYN BRIDGE?
Dear GOD, couldn't someone at least have given these women a class in improvisational skills before having them attempt it on a G-damm BRIDGE???

RAMONA'S EYES are getting scary again.

JILL- SAK'S Diamond card? Does that make her better than Danielle's only claim to fame, being the 1st woman with a Black American Express or whatever the heck it was?

OH-JILL has an EXCUSE about her RETARDED email that she sent to KELLY, "KELLY--if you are friends with BETHENNY you cannot be friends with me."-signed JILL.
HA-I didn't even listen to her pathetic attempt at an excuse because there just isn't an excuse for that kind of thing unless you're 12 years-old.

You know last season of the NYC ladies was all about KELLY & BETHENNY fighting, now this season, BETHENNY is in a big fight again? I guess I better add that to my REAL HOUSWIVES OF NYC drinking-game?

When I heard KELLY say, "Its AWESOME that PETA exists."- the game was on because KELLY has an AWESOME vocab. So, now I'm scouring the show for more stuff.

Raise your glass and...
DRINK when RAMONA'S eyes get big.
DRINK when COUNTESS cannot move her forehead.
DRINK when KELLY says "awesome".
DRINK when BETHENNY is in a dust-up with someone.
DRINK when someone mentions SIMON'S RED PANTS.
(DRINK TWICE) if he actually wears them)
DRINK when JILL does something incredibly juvenile.
DRINK when ALEX mentions BROOKLYN.

Poor ALEX broke-out in HIVES! when she had JILL over for pretzels & peace-making.
This drama-bringing is too much for her.

Jill, "Relationships is what makes you happy."
OK-I'm no grammar-nazi, and I make spelling nazis skeeve, but JILL has got the worst command of the English language of all of the housewives, oh yes, I'm INCLUDING NJ, AND Hot-LANTA there.

I guess I'm just committed to hating-on JILL this season. I'm tired of looking at her ugly blue-eyeshadow, ugly red-haired, mean-girl face.

On the BOBBY/cancer thing, JILL is wrong. BETHENNY sent flowers and an email and JILL did not respond to BETHENNY's email. JILL has pronounced over & over that BETHENNY was wrong there because she did not call BOBBY in his hospital room.
That's just nonsense. And BETHENNY was right when she said that she didn't want to go over JILL'S head. JILL made it sound like it was BETHENNY'S fault that BOBBY was "slit ear-to-ear" when he had his operation.

In the set-up showdown, did I hear what I THINK I heard?? That JILL is scared-of BETHENNY because BETHENNY uses big-words???????? No, I couldn't have heard that right.

If JILL had said, "BETHENNY, you are the wittiest biach ever."-now THAT would have been believable.

Cause, "puppet-show" is a word that 3 year-olds understand. And BETHENNY doesn't miss a freekin' TRICK, she NAILED LUANNE when she thanked her for all of the "diversions".

LUANNE & JILL make a much better couple anyhow. I have to say that BETHENNY is much cuter than KELLY, and JILL both, but that doesn't mean that BETHENNY has to get her butt-kicked every season does it?

OK-this was a long blow by blow, as I watched the episode. TWOP would BAN me for posting this before it aired on the West Coast-too bad for them. The only other thing I have to say, "Is there a doctor in the house?" Because RAMONA'S bug-eyes are just begging for a specialist's opinion here.

As much of a ditz RAMONA is, except for the crazy-eye thing, she really is an attractive older woman, and we're all wondering if she's been tested for Grave's disease aren't we?