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*(Added April 30th, it has come to my attention that some of the rumors posted on this blog are definitely FALSE. Most rumors are clearly labeled as such, but in case I missed any, please keep that in mind)

Friday, April 30, 2010

About that disclaimer

So when the Amazon-/Review-gate thing was happening, there were RUMORS about the NY HOUSEWIVES all over the www. I posted some of them here, and hopefully made it clear that there is no way that I could know if they are true or not.
Some are just silly and some are not. I HOPE that we see more of BETHENNY this season, but there was a rumour that last night's episode was the last time that we'll see her 'till the reunion.
While I was looking for some info., I found this article in the NY Times from 1998, where BOBBY ZARIN was identified as "separated", and quoted about a single/mingle nightclub in Manhattan.
So I'm thinking that that, plus some other info. about JILL'S step-children seeming to have a great relationship that I found on the CREAKY JOINTS website, well, that leads me to NOT think of JILL as the HOMEWRECKER that she appeared to be a few weeks ago with all of the crazy stories out there?
That's why I added the disclaimer at the top of the page.
If I'm cynical and suspicious about the "reality" part of HOUSEWIVES,  I think I'm even more so about the goofy rumors.
I'm waiting for The HOUSEWIVES to admit to being "scripted reality", any minute now like THE HILLS does, but I guess that there is no rule that says they have to do that?
And I still cannot figure-out why KELLY would hide a stuttering problem if she had one? These women will exploit anything personal, and it could give her extra screen-time. Isn't that PR 101.5?