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Friday, April 30, 2010

Its not stalking, its research!

So there was a discussion on "I HATE JIL..." that pointed to ties between JILL and SCIENTOLOGY. I looked in a database of Scientologists under ALL of JILL'S names, including "Susan Saunders", and I did not find JILL. http://www.truthaboutscientology.com/stats/by-name/j/
Then I decided to look in some other databases.
In her own blog, JILL says that she is a (quote Jill)-"licensed real estate broker and handle commercial and residential all over NYC and Las Vegas..."
This was this past June. They were selling the condo, but apparently they took it off the market.
I also noticed that the heading on JILL'S blog says, "The REAL Housewife of New York City" (and the others are FAKE?)
Also, in the Bravo Blogs, and other places, there is mention of Jill being a real estate broker. I heard her say this herself on an old episode today. The one where JILL and BETHENNY are hunting for an apartment for BETHENNY & JASON #1. Brokers, by the way, have more requirements than the standard real estate salesperson, (and they earn a larger commission), but BOTH are licensed professions with exams that must be passed.
So I figured that I'd look-up JILL'S license. In both states. With all 3 of her known names, (KAMEN, SHAPIRO, and ZARIN), and I did NOT find her in the 2 state databases.
It would not surprize me if JILL failed to renew her broker license, but in the Nevada database, they include expired licensees.
So if she was licensed in NEVADA this past June, her name should be there. Her name should be in the NEVADA database, if she has held a license there in the past also, but it would say, "expired".
You cannot sell real estate in NEVADA with a NEW YORK real estate license by the way.
If you want to sell in more than one state, you usually need a reciprocal license, and it looks like NEVADA does not reciprocate with NY, which would mean having to complete the entire course, the exam, and licensing, for BOTH states, as far as I can tell.
I was a licensed real estate agent myself, so that's why I was a little more curious about JILL'S real estate status.
I say "was", because I failed to renew my license, which must be renewed every 2 years in my state, and the penalty in my state for that is having to go through the entire COURSE, and TEST, and licensing procedure again.
I looked at JILL'S HAMPTONS, and NYC listings for her properties, and I did not notice any indication that the SELLER, (JILL), of the property, was a licensed broker.
Which is something by law in my state, (some states laws vary, but all states insist on a license as far as I know), that a seller MUST do in writing, in any advertisement or listing, even-if the seller, (JILL), is not the agent listing the property.That is to protect the buyer, and IF you take the real estate exam, you know that.
Here's the Nevada database, http://red.prod.lookup.nv.gov/SearchCriteria.asp?, and here is the "Z" page in the broker database for NY,
Here are two article URLS. One about the sale of JILL'S HAMPTON property, and the second was about the listing last Summer, of the re-decorated condo in the city.
http://blog.luxuryrealestate.com/articles/2010/03/12/real-housewife-jill-zarin-plugs-hamptons-corcoran-agent-susan-breitenbach and
Here's a little snip from the NY TIMES article;
"with the help of Callae Brownstein and Howard Margolis of Prudential Douglas Elliman, she has listed the 1,950-square-foot three-bedroom apartment at 401 East 60th Street in the Bridge Tower Place condominiums for $3.2 million. The price is significantly higher than that of similar apartments on the market. But Ms. Zarin’s place comes with the furniture."
I wonder why JILL would use outside real estate agents to list her properties? The commission, (about 5%, commercial is higher), is probably more than what she makes on RHONY.
I have a friend who sells a lot of real estate, and if I GOOGLE her name, tons of old real estate links result.
I cannot find ANY reference of JILL ever selling real estate, although she may have used her license just so that she and BOBBY did not have to pay the entire commission on their properties, but she would have had to have her license "hung" at an office at least until she got the broker license.
It IS possible that corporations have different rules, but they still must be licensed.
Impersonating a licensed professional is a felony from what I've heard, so JILL must be telling the truth, and saving tens of thousands of dollars in commissions is a smart move, but WHY can't I find ANYTHING that confirms the facts?