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Thursday, April 29, 2010

ALEX joins TEAM BETHENNY for real

"Should we invite BETHENNY?"-THE COUNTESS
" I don't know why you would, considering she called you a snake."-JILL
(she could have just said "No.")
So JILL is in charge of who gets invited to HOUSEWIFE events?
I can understand that JASON would be upset about the baby news getting-out before his family hears the news, but WHY should BETHENNY have to APOLOGISE to him for it?
SONJA'S liposuction is insane in my opinion. RAMONA did a great job with her questions, "When was the last time that you were board certified?", (1973), "Do you have hospital privileges?", (No.)
On the way out, I couldn't help but notice that almost every square inch of wall-space was filled with framed diplomas and honors in shiny new-looking frames.
'I will tell you everything." (ALEX), when BETHENNY told her the news about the baby.
The set-up for ALEX telling JILL that BETHENNY is "done" felt a little forced to me.
I LOVE SONJA'S TOWNHOUSE! (the dog poop in her courtyard is a sin in my opinion. Is there some reason that reality camera crews have never seen a piece of dog crap that they didn't zoom-in on? Maybe for fun, to payback reality show producers for all of the entertainment they have given me , I'll make a reality show called REAL DOG POOP FROM REAL DOGS, because I think they would like it.)
Note to self: add drinking-game points for turds. You could get drunk just drinking for that if they had a SEASON III marathon.
HAHAHAHAHA, something must be WRONG with the BRAVO TALK BUBBLE, (again), because they just showed a BLANK, "Check out your Tweets:" with no TWEET in the empty space! Up 'till last week, they were at least showing some.
The True ReNewel  stuff does look really nice, I wonder if it does anything? There's a link to RAMONA'S AMAZON store on the right if you have ad-block turned-off.
 The stuff is waay too expensive for me.
THE COUNTESS'S light-purple gown at her book-signing was really pretty, but who wears a formal length gown to a book-signing? It possibly was CHIFFON!, and I guess we'd have to ask GLORIA if CHIFFON is ok for that kind of thing?
"I hadn't intended for this to be a group activity."-ALEX as she tells EVERYONE that BETHENNY is "done" with JILL. and that BETHENNY never wants to see JILL, or talk to her again.
a !BRAVO TWEET!"Alex has waited 3 seasons to put Jill in her place."-signed BRAVO producers.
The only thing about this whole scene that didn't look fake were the blotches that ALEX broke-out in, can she do that on cue?
This just all looked so fake to me, who pre-plans something like that like BETHENNY and ALEX supposedly did? TWO people both thought that was a good idea? Plus I'm sure that SIMON knew what was coming. (and probably everyone else too.)
I can see why ALEX was angry with the way her family, meaning SIMON, has been treated previously.
I think that she really loves SIMON, and what better way to hurt someone, than to hurt someone that they love? If JILL or anyone else did THAT on purpose, well, its just diabolically EvIL & MEAN.
The previews for next week look better, with ALEX releasing some CRAKEN on JILL.