* This blog is dedicated to the bich (oh yes, I KNOW I spelled it wrong!), moderators at TWOP. Without Strenga et AL, I'd be happily posting-away along with the best of them. Unfortunately, TWOP is a little too heavy-handed, high-falootin' and downright unfriendly.
*(added 2011)-Amended to mean Strega's Real Housewives forum(s) and of course those Bravo Blogs that eat your comments w/o posting them. I still visit TWOP for the best snark.

*(Added April 30th, it has come to my attention that some of the rumors posted on this blog are definitely FALSE. Most rumors are clearly labeled as such, but in case I missed any, please keep that in mind)

Thursday, April 29, 2010

My Manifesto to STREGA. (hope I used that in the wrong context).

(UPDATE: Sorry but OOOOPS! some of the links are behaving strangely. some of the stuff I pulled-out of Google cache, it does look like they eventually point in the right direction?)
When I dedicated the blogging of season III, of THE REAL HOUSEWIVES OF NYC to STREGA, I could find just enough mention of her name elsewhere online to know that there were at least a few other people out there who had experienced her censorship disguised as constructive criticisim.

I found general silliness like, this Good parody of TWOP, and mods. And of course GWOP, (Gosselins without Pity Dot com), is forever in debt to TWOP for closing-down the entire JON & KATE discussion, where I found this (from 2008), quote from STREGA herself, which was lifted off  TWOP, and reposted at GWOP,  
(unknown commenter)-
"IMO closing it down forever you're letting the fans of Jon and Kate win. How do you know they weren't the ones trying to get the thread shut down cause they hated the constant bashing of them?"(In other words, FANS of J&K purposely disrupting the thread in order to get it shut down.)

"Honestly, we know that was going on, and that's why we kept trying to make that thread work for so long."

I also found some other discussion of STREGA and her cohorts, "Goderators Strike Again" (circa 2008) , that has some other blasts from the past.

But this latest "PURGE", has a lot of people complaining and scratching their heads, wondering just what the heck is going-on in the ADMIN. area and with STREGA, to cause the boards over at TWOP to blow-up just when it was getting interesting. (Hmmmm, anyone detect a pattern here?)
Here is a  recently quoted message from STREGA herself, in a 300+ page thread titled, "TWOP Sucks? Or does it?", over at Bitter but Brilliant : 
QUOTE (Adgirl)
Don't know who to contact about this. Left a similar message on Traffic Control. [And got smacked down by Tennison. -- AR] Why is Real Housewives NY still closed? The show has been broadcast on both coasts today and the board is still closed.FYI- Last week and this week the board was closed on Wednesday - Thursday with no notice. again this week. Does the moderator take those days off? Last week they said that the reason was due to too many personal comments. No information about this week.

QUOTE (Strega)
This thread is called "New Technical Issues." Does your question seem like a technical issue? There's even a pinned post at the top of the page explaining what kind of problems should be reported here.The FTC also has a pinned post explaining what it is for. It wasn't the right place for your question either.

Coincidentally, the RH of NY thread also has a pinned post reminding people at great length about the posting rules. It also has a link to the FAQ which is yet another thing I suspect you have never read. Among other things, the FAQ mentions who you can contact when you have these kinds of questions.

I'm actually going to answer your question here because I think otherwise you'll continue on posting randomly, hoping to find the right place through dumb luck. But any further discussion about this here, or in any other inappropriate thread, will result in a banning. So: the thread is closed because of entitled, utterly witless behavior like this. It is closed because of you, and the large number of posters in that thread who seem to be just like you."
Buried inside of a thread sub-titled " Literary Chit Chat TWOP3 - Television Without Pity", they mention the Great "Purge" of RHONY, 2010.(discussion in progress, HeRE).
Will things ever get so hot for STRENGA that the powers that be will decide  to give STRENGA a taste of her own medicine and leave her to her own little corner of the www to parse, delete, and control?
Well IF that day ever comes, we can still visit her at her own site, http://www.glumpish.com/.
I don't know what glumpish is, and I'm not sure that I really want to find out.
Maybe they should set her loose on the great hot mess of TWITTER?
I would not be surprised if they have STREGA working the TALK BUBBLE over at BRAVO. Another exercise in futility, although the idea of having ANDY read your post or TWEET on the air is tempting I guess?
I started this post because I promised someone that I would dig-around and find my own personal smack-down from STREGA, but I got so busy making links and finding other examples of STREGA in action, that I have not yet logged-in at TWOP. My little warning was just enough to let me know that I wasn't going to keep going back for MORE of posting a message, only to see it disappear from the board later, and then find a note from STREGA telling me what I did wrong. Part of the fun in posting is having other people react to what you said, and they can't do that if its not there.
If anyone else has some personal warnings that they want to paste in the comments, please do!
STREGA'S best work may be those individual little comments that can only be seen by the people who had comments deleted, or warnings, and bans, although her public frustrations with people who can't read, ignore, the FAQS are pretty good.
When it comes down to it, people tell themselves, "Its only the internet, why get upset about it?", but like I mentioned earlier, TWOP, and now BRAVO, both have a habit of soliciting interaction and opinion, and then becoming iron-fisted. Joining a group, and then being banned or completely shut-out, could be likened to what in some cultures and religions, is the worst possible punishment that can happen to a person.
(JILL even tried to do this do BETHENNY this season, remember that dirty email she sent because she knew that one of the other housewives was friendly with BETHENNY, "You can't be my friend if you are her friend.").
I think that what TWOP, STREGA, and BRAVO are doing is more personal and damaging than censorship, although it certainly is that also.
They invite, and then isolate leaving cut-off individuals to their own devices. Maybe this time, they will feel the effects of it? THIS TIME, maybe some people were ready for the nonsense, because the commenters over at LYNN CHICAGO'S HUB-PAGES, (link on the right), seem to have hunkered-down, and found a place to continue the discussion without all of the messy FAQS and without you-know-who.