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Friday, April 16, 2010

and even MORE...

Courtesy of the "BRAVO MOLE", aka twittermaxine (http://twitter.com/tweetmaxine), just a few more bullets. Previous rules apply, I'm NOT making this stuff up myself, and I DON'T know what is true or not. With that caveat;

  • SONJA MORGAN is one of "those", (as-in J.P MORGAN), MORGAN'S by marriage.
  • SONJA'S townhouse has also been used as a WHOREHOUSE, with SONJA being the PIMP.(so it wasn't just the LIPS that gave me the HEIDI FLIESS vibe about her!)
  • GAY BRAD is writing a (real) TELL-ALL book.
  • JILL'S sister doesn't like her either. JILL stabbed her in the back for $$ also.
  • BOBBY has a hundred-grand marker at BORGATA casino, and JILL tried to pay it off with a book-signing.
  • RAMONA tried to set-up SIMON with a decoy gay to prove that SIMON is gay! Supposedly this is revealed in the reunion.
  • Part of the reunion for this season has already been taped, and SOMEONE gets slapped.
  • ALSO, BETHENNY only has 2 more appearances in this series and then doesn't come back 'till the reunion.