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*(Added April 30th, it has come to my attention that some of the rumors posted on this blog are definitely FALSE. Most rumors are clearly labeled as such, but in case I missed any, please keep that in mind)

Friday, April 16, 2010

Unfortunately, there's more DIRT

OK, I found more, and managed to piece together the most persistent rumors from various TWEETS & RE-Tweets, and comments posted online. So, although I have no idea what is true, or not, the items below are making the rounds. ALL of the bulleted items can be found more than once in other places online, although that doesn't mean they are true.
  • Where's JILL'S Gay Husband BRAD? GONE, because he was disgusted that JILL had an AFFAIR while BOBBY was sick, and BRAD wanted no part in the cover-up.
  • JILL is SUING, or threatened to sue BETHENNY, to try & stop "BETHENNY'S GETTING MARRIED"-claiming that it was JILL'S idea, and that it was supposed to be a "Lucy & Ethel"-type show, and that now that JILL is out, she will supposedly do anything to stop the show.
  • Also, that BETHENNY & JILL plotted for their own spin-off from the beginning.
  • BETHENNY also knew that JILL had an affair while BOBBY was sick, and wanted nothing to do with covering it up.
  • BRAVO is heavily censoring anti-JILL TWEETS
  • BETHENNY'S GETTING MARRIED has flopped during audience previews.
  • JASON HOPPY is not so happy, and getting ready to spill his beans. 
 And if that isn't enough, there is some WEST COAST drama with LYNN CURTIN, who may or may not have been carted-off to rehab after some kind-of embarrassing scene involving destroying GRETCHEN'S wedding dress.(!?!) And she may or may not be a Grandmother-to-be.

Oh yes, one more interesting tidbit that I found, with all of KELLY'S crap about what an "honor" it is to be asked to pose naked for PLAYBOY, at her age, WELL, apparently, KELLY DID pose, but those photos were not used!
The story in the "I HATE JILL ZARIN" article, says that the PLAYBOY photos of KELLY are photos that were taken by KELLY'S EX-HUSBAND YEARS AGO!
-how fake is that? HOW does THAT tie-in with "40th Anniversary" of anything huh?