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Friday, April 16, 2010

Interesting link

If you want some DIRT, check-out Part 1, and 2, "I Hate Jill Zarin" HeRE.
And, the comments, where I found statement that JILL was "discovered" by her husband BOBBY, in the Men's underwear Department at Macy's.
Too bad that BOBBY was a MARRIED father-of 3 at that time.

(maybe that new book should be called "How to be a Home-wrecking Bitch" instead of that love, friendship, good-advice BS?)

The author of "I Hate Jill..." has some great points about how JILL made some pre-emptive allies at BRAVO, who are now regretting the guilt by association, and maybe even suffering personal financial losses because they defended JILL before they knew what REALLY happened.

Just a lot of good inside info. that I haven't seen anywhere else. Also, the FIRST mention that ALEX & SIMON are NOT planning-on leaving, which in my opinion is a GOOD! thing for this show.