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Friday, April 16, 2010

JILL & HER MOM after the show

JILL'S mom gave new meaning to the phrase, "stuffed suit". Who said that it was time to bring-back SHOULDER-PADS?
And she didn't even bother to start out small, like THE COUNTESS who had little "poofs" on the outside of her jacket. She went straight to the end-of-the-line industrial, football-sized ones.
In fact it looked like her whole outfit was stuffed.
And so stiff that she couldn't MOVE a muscle, including her facial muscles.

So they have a book to sell and JILL was trying to do some damage control. One thing that we were all wondering about, did JILL realize that BETHENNY was pregnant when she was being so mean to her all season? JILL said that she didn't know.

The book is supposedly about "friendship", and relationships. Uh-yeah I'm sure people really want to learn about friendship from one of the meanest frenimies we have seen.

JILL & her mom were smart enough to get that making your pregnant friend cry, and trying to BLACKBALL her by forbidding anyone ELSE from being friends with her either, isn't going to sell any advice books. In fact, last night on TWITTER, there was a RE-TWEET going around, calling for a BOTCOTT! of JILL'S book.

Meanwhile, JILL said that she had broken some-kind of BRAVO book-signing record yesterday when 350 people showed-up at a bookstore to buy her book & have it autographed.

JILL also told BRAVO ANDY that she pretty much regretted the whole season , but that it's too late to do anything about it now. OH WELL, maybe you shouldn't have been so MEAN?

*if you click-through the Amazon book link on the right-hand of this page, "Secrets of a Jewish Mother" read the book reviews, they are entertaining and hilarious. The book has only been out for one day yet AMAZON is selling it at 55% off the original price. This one might go straight to the bargain-bin, or maybe even the recycling plant.