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Thursday, April 22, 2010


Oh boy. Sources say that TWOP has LOCKED the RHONY thread and DELETED all refrences to JILL'S AMAZON-GATE fiasco.
Oh well, JILL may be able to control BRAVO entities, but honey, you can't FOOL the entire internet.
Especially NOT by writing PHONY reviews for your own book.
Which would be fine, except she took the additional steps of stalking other reviewers, and just for good measure, posting a bad review for her frenamie's book. (BETHENNY'S book).
Read all about it by clicking-through the AMAZON link to her book on the right hand side, and here, http://blog.zap2it.com/thedishrag/2010/04/real-housewives-ny-jill-zarin-denies-she-wrote-her-own-book-reviews.htmlhttp://blog.zap2it.com/thedishrag/2010/04/real-housewives-ny-jill-zarin-denies-she-wrote-her-own-book-reviews.html
The phony name that JILL uses is "Susan Saunders", which is apparently linked to JILL'S maiden name on an old AMAZON account.
So, should we all continue to "WATCH WHAT HAPPENS", on BRAVO?, or in real life, or online?
*OK-This story has caught FIRE, and I am acually INVOLVED in this FIASCO!
I read the AMAZON reviews last week and I actually RATED JILL'S (SUSAN SAUNDER'S) review!
Of course I gave the appropriate, LEAST HELPFUL rating.
Think my reviewing credit should go up on AMAZON?