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Thursday, April 22, 2010

ReCap, The "Crap" episode

ALEX will make a good friend for BETHENNY!
BETHENNY says that ALEX is, "Low maintenance".
ALEX has young children, so she can help her be a good mom too-I was actually worried about that for her.

I skipped over the not-hilarious dog-poop scene over at JILL's condo. Anyone else think that that was a suspiciously large amount of dog-crap for an otherwise "healthy" dog? Did JILL'S friend look stoned?

Ramona's daughter is rocking the spinster-librarian/nun look. Its kind-of scary on a 14 year-old. RAMONA'S way of adding the name of her jewelry company into every scene by claiming that she's going-through a "renewal" is in KELLY'S words "Awesome! (-ly getting annoying) .
Note to self: Add "raise your glass and drink" to drinking-game for every time that RAMONA says, "renewal".

"Don't wear chiffon on Christmas Day if you can help it." -GLORIA, JILL'S mom. WHAT THE HELL DOES THAT MEAN?

And for anyone who's suffered-through all 3 seasons of this hot-mess, I had a flashback to Season 1 when JILL held-up a photo of her daughter as a toddler, and she said, "Look at that body!".
Now I remember why I hated JILL in the first place! sending your beautiful teen-age daughter to FAT CAMP on national television is just so over-the-top WRONG, and her fat-prejudice is rearing its ugly head AGAIN!

KELLY wants to HAVE more babies? I hope that she's not planning-on using her own eggs, since they are passed their expiration date.

Well they started-out this episode with crap, and ended with the "toilet-paper-dress" scene.

""They told us to wear a square of toilet-paper and make an outfit." -BETHENNY, except JILL, in her matronly looking long black dress, didn't get the memo.
I really think that BRAVO set her up on that one, HA. All the talk about how awkward and uncomfortable she was, personally, I think she was ticked-off about how great everyone looked in their teeny-tiny dresses.