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Saturday, April 24, 2010

JASON & BETHENNY are they for real?

Hmmm. Now that we're getting to know JASON a little better, I'm, (finally), starting to see "something" between the two of them.
After -all, those of us who've been watching all three seasons have "known" BETHENNY longer than JASON has!
It just all happened so fast.
I really didn't like that scene where he was acting so prudish about her sending the nude photo, were the BRAVO editors trying to foreshadow something there?
I sure hope not!
I've been checking-out BETHENNY'S TWEETS and the last time that I checked she didn't know if she is having a boy or girl.
For some reason, I'm thinking "boy".
Something else that I learned lately, (from PEREZHILTON.COM), is that there is a pilot episode of a new competition for THE VIEW being shopped at CBS, with BETHENNY, SARA GILBERT, (now a lesbian, was on ROSEANNE), LISA RENNA, and JULIE CHEN (the Hostess from BIG BROTHER).
Reading the comments on PEREZ, I also learned that CHEN is married to the President of CBS.
The comments on PEREZ were very "pro" SARA GILBERT, which surprised me since I didn't even know that she has done much in the public eye in the last decade or so.
I'm not familiar with RENNA at all-was she on a soap?
CHEN has done a nice job on BIG BROTHER from what I've seen, but out of all of them I think that BETHENNY could really bring something to the table.
GILBERT was a cute kid on ROSEANNE, but something about her acting always irritated me.
Maybe I'll like her better if she's being herself and not playing a role?
One thing I know is that if this show takes-off it will make JILL insane with envy.