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Monday, May 17, 2010

"Adios Lunatic"

Ok, I haven't blogged the last episode, "Housewives Overboard" (part 1) yet, but "Adios lunatic."-(BETHENNY), pretty much explains it all anyhow.
I've been hanging-out in the comments section of LYNN FROM CHICAGO'S latest HOUSEWIVES blog "Best episode so far".
LYNN has had over a thousand replies there, and not one of them has disagreed about this episode being the best of the season.
JILL was not in this episode, unfortunately she was there, in KELLY'S phone.
Maybe that explains why KELLY made even less sense than she normally does?
Remember the old game, "telephone"? And how the game is used as an analogy of mis-communication?
Well, this may have been a real-life example of what happens when you play telephone with someone who is already verbally challenged.
So we have JILL saying one thing to KELLY, and then KELLY trying to translate it to BETHENNY, and it just comes-out like nonsense.
In any event, the spotlight is off JILL, and on KELLY, who made some frantic calls to BRAVO, according to ANDY COHEN on WATCH WHAT HAPPENS.
ANDY said that KELLY was upset about how she came across in the episode.
KELLY has taken to her TWITTER to try and do some damage-control, but in my opinion, it just makes her look worse.
According to KELLY'S Twitter Q&A, the reason she attacked BETHENNY is because she, (KELLY) has some kind-of moral problem with BETHENNY grieving her father's death while being taped.

Did you know that KELLY was named one of the "25 Most Influential People of 2009" by People Magazine?
I didn't either. She wasn't.
Someone on LYNN'S HUBPAGE mentioned that they couldn't find any info. on it.
Well, there is mention of it, like on KELLY'S blog, and in just about every interview that KELLY has done since last January.
PEOPLE MAGAZINE did have a list if the 25 most intriguing people of 2009, and KELLY was not mentioned by name.
No, PEOPLE voted THE REAL HOUSEWIVES, as one-of their 25 most intriguing (not "influential") people of 2009.
Yet KELLY, who despite being a degree-holding, published, editor...can't grasp the difference between intriguing and influential.
CHARLES MANSON is intriguing. MICHELLE OBAMA is influential. See KELLY-that wasn't so hard, was it?
Another thing that came-out of KELLY'S "set-the-record-straight" TWEET session, is that she flat-out REFUSES to say if PLAYBOY used OLD PHOTOS of her.
The story going-around, is that her amazingly amazing ex-husband took some photos of KELLY a LONG TIME AGO, and submitted them to PLAYBOY, and that they were REJECTED at that time.
So, the rumor is that those OLD PHOTOS are what were used in PLAYBOY.
When asked, all KELLY will say is something like, "My amazing ex. The most talented human on earth... took some photos of me in 2009."
Um, OK KELLY, but, did PLAYBOY use any older pictures of you?
(KELLY) "My ex, who as everybody knows is amazing, took some pictures of me in 2009 and it was amazing!"
In the next episode, it looks like we get to see KELLY melt-down like the wicked witch that she is. GOOD!