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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The Crying Game (no refrence to the movie)

Did anyone really feel badly for JILL'S crocodile tears? Tomorrow, when KELLY cries, will I feel sorry for her? Yes I know that I will. I won't be able to help it because there is no question that there is something not-right with KELLY, and even if she doesn't cry, it doesn't change that.
I bet JILL & KELLY are both saying, "NO FAIR!" because everybody felt extremely bad for BETHENNY when we saw her break-down.
So I had to think about what the differences are here. Is it because BETHENNY is just cuter, and funnier, and smarter, than JILL & KELLY to me?
Nope. It's because when BETHENNY cried, it wasn't HER FAULT.
Plain & simple. BETHENNY may have even felt like, or thought that some of her turmoil was her own doing, but all-in-all she was a perfect storm of hormones & just too much, and then a fight with JILL on top.
JILL-I even feel a tiny bit sorry for her-who wouldn't? But she had been given chances, (by ALEX mainly), and I'm not so sure that she wasn't crying fake-tears, but whatever JILL was crying about, she, (mostly) brought on to herself.
Same with KELLY on the boat. I think that ALEX & BETHENNY were both being KIND to KELLY in the last episode. Yes they talked behind her back-(about KELLY'S rude/ or "weird", as ALEX called it, behavior), but it wasn't nasty or even malicious in my opinion.
KELLY may have held a grudge from last season, but her attack on a pregnant, grieving, BETHENNY was way out of proportion, and completely inappropriate. And it was mean.
Do you call a woman laughing with a group of gals at a "bachelorette" party a "Ho-Bag"?
No KELLY, you just don't. Unless you wanna get hurt. Because those are fighting-words as they say and it was not the time or place for it.
So tomorrow night, when KELLY falls-apart, yeah I will feel sorry to watch. Maybe I'll even cover my eyes,or change the channel because it doesn't feel right to make fun of or enjoy someones trauma, especially when there could be something wrong with them.
And that's where it gets a little personal for some of us.
I know for a fact, and I don't care to explain how I know this, but it just doesn't feel good to make fun of someone who is mentally challenged. Be it Alzheimer's, or brain-damage, (and I have seen family members of mentally challenged people complain to hear KELLY described as "retarded", because KELLY'S behavior is insulting when compared to what most mentally retarded people act like.).........(this is where STREGA would banish me for punctuation crimes), and, even in some cases, where alcoholic/addiction behavior could be called a disease..
OK-so my main point here is that as someone who knows what it feels like to have someone who is not quite right in the mind try and attack a person, well, you just don't get the enjoyment that you would if it were even close to a fair fight.
All that being said so grammatically badly, KELLY asked for it. Or else someone pushed her into it.
Even-if someone is handicapped in the traditional sense of the word, just how much abuse is someone supposed to take?
And just how horrible is that person allowed to act? Bad enough to make the Hooter's yacht a refuse of sanity? I guess I mean both parties, but mostly the one who is lacking something important, because this does happen every day, and in not-as-entertaining ways as our HOUSEWIVES and BRAVO make it out to be.
There is a scene where NEW JERSEY'S , I mean CONNECTICUT'S, 'cause I maintain she is no JERSEY GIRL, she just tries to play one on TV, DANIELLE (crazily), says, "Don't call me crazy.", and yes DANIELLE has earned herself another "ADIOS LUNATIC." (-BETHENNY to KELLY), but even-though JILL, & KELLY, & DANIELLE, and maybe some of the people we all know in our own lives deserve a few "ADIOS LUNATIC"s, something about it just makes us feel bad when they cry.
But I think I'm going to feel as sorry for KELLY as I do for JILL, which is not so much, since BETHENNY just didn't need that BS & abuse.