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Thursday, May 6, 2010

The Dirty-Army is sic'd on JILL

Oh boy, look what NIK RICHIE started at The Dirty;(quote)THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, would you be so kind and let Jill Zarin know that paying someone to help her keep her facebook fan page clean, is pathetic. I have a friend who gets paid $25.00 an hour for monitoring and deleting all the negative nelly stuff that Jill Zarin haters post. She told me she was gonna start taking her time so she can really make some money. She works up to 10 hours a day and on Thursdays, sometime 17 plus hours. The reason she has to work so long on Thursday is because after the show airs, Jill’s FB page gets slammed so my friend is extra busy. She has STRICT orders from JILL to BLOCK any person who makes NEGATIVE comments. (I couldn’t believe this so I tryed it, I too am now a blocked “FAN”…. That article was posted there yesterday under, JILL ZARIN PAYS PEOPLE TO WATCH FACEBOOK, and now today there is an update at  http://thedirty.com/. YIKES! Do I feel sorry for her yet? Nope. I wonder what the job title is for something like that, and if they're fired yet?