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Friday, May 28, 2010

Elephant in the Room

"Just trying to make some sense of what happened."-(ALEX)
"It was scary."-(SONJA)
"Am I crazy? Did I just hear that?-(ALEX), talking-about the night before with KELLY.
They explain that KELLY left a note to RAMONA saying thank-you bla, bla, and she left.

They are all having mani-pedis outside, talking about how relaxing it is, when they hear; "Hiiiii."-(JILL) RAMONA!-(JILL)
"Surprise, we came!"-(JILL)
"You told us you wanted us to come."-(JILL)
"You have to be F'ing kidding"-(ALEX)
"It was as-if someone died when they saw me"-(JILL)
"In all sincerity, why are you here?"-(RAMONA)
"I thought you'd be happy to see me"-(JILL) "I just ran into KELLY at the airport", something about in the window.
"Are you happy to see me?"-(JILL)
"Do you want me to leave?"-(JILL)
"This is the first time that I've been away....there's been enough drama already."-(ALEX)
ALEX asks if she's breaking-out in HIVES.
"I saw ALEX tremble."-(RAMONA) to JILL. RAMONA said this three times, "ALEX was trembling."-(RAMONA)---Who uses that word?
"You just can't show-up the last day and freak-out my guests."-(RAMONA)
Bobby spent a fortune of money to get me a private plane."-(Jill)
Jill calls ALEX "psychotic."
RAMONA tells JILL that its not healthy for BETHENNY & ALEX for JILL to be there.
ALEX gave BOBBY a big hug. It looked like she wasn't going to let go. Bobby said that he wouldn't be in the middle of it. JILL & BOBBY left.
"She's not here, its ok."-RAMONA to ALEX

BETHENNY says "It feels very calm." at dinner.
"No drama"-(RAMONA)
They talk baby talk, RAMONA chokes a little, "It was a piece of shell it went down the wrong pipe.".....they're all jumpy, which is a symptom of Post Traumatic Stress. BETHENNY asks SONJA a question about penis size, if there is a difference between nationality. SONJA asked if anyone would be offended if she answered!
HMMMMM? What's this all-about?
They have a little Bridal-Shower for RAMONA & BETHENNY.

Back in NYC, JILL & LUANN, KELLY, and JEN are having lunch.
They talk about JILL being "kicked-out". "I understand why they did it. Do you?"-(LUANN)
JEN mentions getting an email from KELLY saying that she was scared.
"I saw what they turned into in the end."-(JILL)
"I called her a ho-bag, which she IS."-(KELLY)
JEN has a bozo clown-shirt on, in a muted gray.
"She said, "I went out of my way to have a smear-campaign against you."-(KELLY) talking about BETHENNY.
SONJA'S having a party. She has a bright-red halter dress on. SIMON is wearing a red scarf, tied like a bow-tie.

"It was terror on the high-seas."BETHENNY to LUANN
LUANN tells the girls that KELLY said they were mean to her.
LUANN tells the girls that it was a little unfair, that they were a united-front.
LUANN says that the women were "very convincing."
"KELLY had a breakdown in Saint John."-(BETHENNY)
BETHENNY explained to LUANN how KELLY would do something like call her a "Ho-Bag" and trash-talk, and then turn-around & say that the opposite happened, that she, (KELLY), was "being attacked."
LUANN says that KELLY still wasn't all together with-it at lunch.

LUANN shows her children the penthouse at the THOMPSON HOTEL.
BRAVO shows some viewer TWEETS, 2 ANTI-JILL & KELLY, and a pro-SONJA.

They are at a skating event. JILL tells her sister that she wants to call BETHENNY.
She calls and invites BETHENNY to lunch. BETHENNY accepts.
JILL puts on a skating-outfit. She falls on the ice. She can spin.
KELLY wants to talk to RAMONA. RAMONA says she doesn't want to talk.
"Do you remember what happened?" "You snapped."-(RAMONA)
"I think the alcohol went to your head."-(RAMONA)
"Kelly was going on & on, and I was going, "I don't remember it that way.""-(RAMONA)
BRAVO shows us a trailer of SEX IN THE CITY II.
They are at BRYANT PARK skating rink.
JILL says that she is happy that RAMONA came.
JILL says in narration that she wants to "start over."
RAMONA tells JILL that there was "An Elephant in the room", and that JILL didn't acknowledge anything. They hug.
In the previews for next-week, MARIO looks H-O-T!!?? He looks about 25 years-old.

JERRY SEINFELD is ANDY'S guest on WATCH WHAT HAPPENS LIVE. "Why are these people on television?"-(SEINFELD)