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Monday, May 31, 2010

We Interrupt This NY Housewives Blog for.....

SLADE SMILEY DEADBEAT DAD. WoW. I don't want to get my HOUSEWIVES mixed-up, but I have to say something about SLADE. No, I don't know the full story, but I do know that he made a court appearance last Friday, and was ordered to give-up his driver's license because he is a deadbeat daddy.
That is bad enough, but he's also gone on record for claiming that he's "Too pretty to work.", I mean, "Too famous."
His son has been struggling with serious debilitating illness & treatments for years by the way.
I wasn't able to open the court documents, but apparently, all of SLADE'S payments by BRAVO for last season, were included in GRETCHEN'S BRAVO check(s), possibly to hide this money from SLADE'S child-support obligations.
I really hope that SLADE is not as SLIMEY as all of this appears to indicate.
Yes, his support payments were too high for him to pay, but was he making ANY payments?-I don't know. And is he maintaining emotional support for his son? I don't know that either.