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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Finale episode RAMONA'S "wedding".

Ramona is at THE PIERRE with her wedding-planner ROBERTA, she says that she will have "about 50" guests, and that she'll "get in trouble" for not inviting everybody.
The venue is really gorgeous.
JILL & BETHENNY are having lunch. JILL thanks BETHENNY for coming.
"I can't believe what's, ya know, happened to us."-(JILL)
"I wanna tell you that I'm sorry that when you reached out to me at RAMONA'S...and I feel really bad about that."-(JILL)
"You weren't there."-(BETHENNY) "I found you to be disloyal in the last six months."-(BETHENNY)
"I don't gossip about you."-(JILL)
(no JILL you just write anonymous bad book reviews)
"I think that the tides turning on JILL are the reason why we're having this conversation"-(BETHENNY in narration)
"You're having a lot of issues with a lot of people right now."-(BETHENNY)
"ALEX is a toxic person."-(JILL)
JILL gives BETHENNY some special latkes and says,
"Let me know how you like the potata pancakes.",
LUANN is having a party for her song at THE PALM. SONJA asks LUANN if COURT is coming. LUANN says no, JACQUES, (JAG?), (JACK), is coming.
He's French. He's her boyfriend now.
ALEX is a no-show. So are BETHENNY & RAMONA. LUANN says that she invited everyone.
She lip-syncs.
"When she left, finally the next day we had some peace & quite."-(SONJA)
She says this pointing to KELLY who is right there!
They chat about the island, and who is going to RAMONA'S wedding.The TALK BUBBLE shows a TWEET that says someone feels sorry for JILL.
JASON & BETHENNY are moving-in together.
BETHENNY says that they're the "reverse JEFFERSONS"-(BETHENNY) because they're moving Downtown.
AVERY & RAMONA go to the salon to get ready for the wedding.
Without make-up, RAMONA & AVERY look like twins almost.
JILL shows-up to surprise RAMONA at her hotel suite before the wedding.
RAMONA tells JILL to "Understand where other people are coming-from."
JILL & ALEX do a two-cheek kiss.
"The whole thing seemed so concockted."-(KELLY)
KELLY lets us know that she played "the bigger person", by not RSVP-ing or letting RAMONA know that she was coming.
BETHENNY tells ALEX that she closed doors with JILL, that she "can't be fake."
"Already there's problems. There's no hor'durves."-(JILL)
Apparently everyone has been kept waiting an hour & a half.
BRAVO TALK BUBBLE-someone says that they want RAMONA'S haircut, they're asking for "The RAMONA. when they go to get it cut."
"MOST DRAMATIC IN HOUSEWIFE HISTORY", the RE-UNION next week! We see a preview.
"I overheard JILL say "the two teams, had been seated on opposite sides of the aisle., But that's how it started, Labor Day weekend, oddly enough."-(ALEX),
"It all started-out at the VERTICAL CLUB..."-(The OFFICIANT)
RAMONA gives a speech. MARIO gives his.  They kiss.
KELLY gives RAMONA a book of photos from the trip.
(JILL'S daughter and RAMONA'S both have the same color royal blue dress).
(AVERY is the Maid of Honor.)
JILL snubs ALEX with a "Hii~iii", and a plastered-on fake smile that I think she learned from ANDY COHEN.
LUANN has an place in the City. RAMONA went to AFRICA. SONJA is writing a novel. KELLY, "spend much of her time being charitable.", ALEX is promoting her book. JILL misses her friendship with BETHENNY. BETHENNY has a new TV-show.
-The End-