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Monday, May 3, 2010

I can't wait for PR 103!

I found a link to NY Magazine's re-caps while I was catching-up on the review-gate thread over on Amazon, and someone mentioned that they have a running commentary along-with "Reasons why Jill Zarin is a disgusting person" at the end of the re-caps.
Wow, that's pretty mean! And I guess that JILL can't blame that on BETHENNY or any of the other HOUSEWIVES. (I was going to call them "WIVES", but then I realized that that would be incorrect since all of them are not wives. But they're "housewives"-how does that work?
Anyhow, here's the link.
Do the NJ bitches start tonight?
I wonder if we'll hear about any incidents at the premire/viewing/publicity party that BRAVO usually has?
Will JILL be deciding the guest list for that too?
When JILL was on ANDY'S show a few weeks ago, she hinted that we might all stop hating her so much after the next few up-coming episodes.
There are rumblings that GAY BRAD may even make an appearance, and that BRAVO is editing & re-editing even as I type this.
I have to say that I almost feel sorry for JILL.
I think that she went along with the idea of being "the mean one", in order to get more face-time, and to bring the drama, but her big mistake was in thinking that she could control it.
She's been caught red-handed posting fake sock-puppet reviews for herself & her businesses all-over the www, which is actually taking advantage of free advertising, and not a bad thing in itself in my opinion.
But she went waaay too far by trashing her competitors and enemies.
Maybe she thought that she had a tight-reign on TWOP and the BRAVO Talk Bubble, and blogs, and she figured that she could run damage-control as easily as making-up fake names and hiring people to post nice things online?
I know that I wouldn't have the guts to go on a national publicity tour for my book knowing that everybody hated me!
I'm sure that whatever she was planning, she probably didn't see that coming.
I think the folks over at NY MAG are as suspicious as I am about the BAD ACTING! on this season of NY HOUSEWIVES. 
What I don't get is what the ladies get out of it?
The highest figure that I've seen reported is a comparably measly hundred & fifty grand for the 3 month shooting schedule.
OK, so they get to pimp-out their products and "brand" themselves, but JILL has practically destroyed her brand by applying KELLY'S PR 101.
Maybe JILL thinks that she can tell AMAZON and the entire internets that our dress is pretty?