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Monday, May 3, 2010

Rebuttal to RAMONA'S "A woman needs her own $$$"

Now that RAMONA'S character, (ha ha I think I've officially crossed-over from believing that anything about this season is real), is being played as "the SMART one", I have to revisit something from an earlier episode with RAMONA that was a dis-service to her daughter and any other young woman, and women in general.
And I'm talking about when RAMONA told her daughter that her own mom could not leave her abusive husband because she had 4 children, and no money "of her own".
In later episodes, RAMONA says that her mother told her that she didn't leave because she believed that it was her "Karma" to stay with RAMONA'S dad by the way.
I didn't fall-off the turnip-truck, and most people watching this series could very simply point-out HOUSEWIFE SONJA'S divorce settlement as a prime example of how W-R-O-N-G  RAMONA'S advice to her daughter is.
But for impressionable youngsters & people who don't know any better, that kind-of mis-information is insulting to say the least.
There is a rumor floating-around that RAMONA'S husband MARIO has been caught cheating.
I don't know if there's any truth to that or not, but if RAMONA & MARIO ever split-up, you can bet that RAMONA would grab as much of "MARIO'S" $$$, as quick as you can say COMMUNITY PROPERTY.
Actually, it would serve her right, in the event that she finds herself in divorce court, if the JUDGE reminded her about her foolish and incorrect "lesson" that she incorrectly taught her daughter & the viewing public.
I'd LOVE to see a judge tell RAMONA, "Lucky thing you have your OWN MONEY honey, because MARIO KEEPS! "his"."
I will say that back in the day, divorce was more scandalous I guess, but for RAMONA to paint a picture of ANY spouse, including her own mother, being forced to stay in an abusive relationship for financial reasons, and in effect perpetrating that false idea to future abused people, is just wrong.
I  think that if BRAVO is going to continue to replay that particular episode, while building RAMONA up as "the smart one", that they should attach a disclaimer to that scene.
When RAMONA was/is "the flaky one", I didn't have a problem with it. But BRAVO can't have it both ways as far as I'm concerned.
She was wrong then, but we could view it in the context of RAMONA is a dip-shit.