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Friday, May 7, 2010

Ok, MAXINE is scaring me now

Whatever happened to "Mother & baby are both healthy bla, bla, bla..."?
In any event, the un-official news of BETHENNY'S baby is all-over the www. Interesting that JILL hopped online and posted an announcement on her FACEBOOK, and is currently being SLAMMED! there for doing so.
(it is being said that BETHENNY has a brand new BOY!, but I'll keep waiting for the official announcement),
Does JILL get her "gossip"-(JILL'S word for BETHENNY'S family news, not mine), from TWEETMAXINE, who is crowing about being the first to break the news?
MAXINE is giving all the credit for her announcement to the HOSPITAL STAFF in the delivery AND the NEONATAL unit at NY PRESBYTERIAN HOSPITAL.
That's where it gets scary for me. IF the hospital name, the weight, and the fact that the baby is a boy, all match-up, I would not blame anyone for wondering if maybe MAXINE does have sources at the hospital.
Although its more likely that it is an assistant, or even a family member, or someone who knows someone.
Of course MAXINE doesn't stop with the good news, no, she's got her crazy on, and right now she's posting about a secret Baptism ceremony to be performed at Midnight, along-with non-stop tweeting about the happy event, and her "sources".