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Friday, May 7, 2010

WHO is the really MEAN GIRL?

In my mind, the title of MEAN GIRL, goes to BRAVO, and ANDY COHEN.
ANDY, just because he wears that plastered-on smile, while doing BRAVO'S dirty-work.
And it IS DIRTY!
Does anyone else think that BRAVO might have just played some dirty-tricks on JILL this season?
Could they have mislead, and mis-directed her? Could they have , (purposely), confused her, and used what they knew are her own weaknesses, against her intrests?
I think they could have, and they did.
But of course I cannot prove that.
Another nasty thing that BRAVO did to KELLY, is allow her to post a BRAVO BLOG, knowing that it is full-of spelling & grammar mistakes.
Take a look at the snipped comments from KELLY'S recent BRAVO BLOG;
(snipped) brentwoodgal
kelly...ms. journalism at columbia major...jill is 'affected' not 'effected' by the breakup. come on...we learned that one in second grade.
05/06/2010 - 11:16pmms143
Jill was affected.
05/06/2010 - 11:11pmSCkk
Ugh.....it's "affected" not "effected."
Columbia, really?
05/06/2010 - 11:09pmcrash
Kelly-you need to learn to spell, it's fourth grade not forth.
BRAVO may as well write this stuff themselves, (the comments), since they ultimately decide what goes up there. And what does not.

JILL didn't do herself any favors with the AMAZON-gate debacle, and getting caught posting nasty sock-puppet reviews about her competitors, threatening critical reviewers, and asking professionals to do her favors, pushed her right into the trap that BRAVO set for her, in my opinion.
But, in my opinion, JILL was used & abused, and set-up to be knocked-down by BRAVO, and that AMAZON-thing is the only truly "nasty" thing that I can honestly believe that she did.
That whole JILL vs. BETHENNY, looks to me like something they all agreed-on before-hand as a plot-device.
BRAVO may have even told JILL that she would "win". I got that idea when ANDY interviewed JILL, and JILL hinted that things would turn-around for her. Maybe BRAVO led her to believe that?
In any event, they all asked for it by going-along with doing the show in the first place.
I clipped some of JILL'S Facebook comments on JILL'S big "turn-around' episode, even her FANS didn't see JILL'S side there. (I'll post them in the comments here)
And don't even get me started on DANNIELLE! Yes, DANIELLE is pathological. Who knows if she has a personality disorder or a real mental illness, but whatever it is, she's not right in the head, and BRAVO is having a great time exploiting that at her expense.
And, speaking-of mental illness..chemical imbalance etc., I also see where hints are being dropped here & there that the whole reason for JILL'S awful behavior, is MENOPAUSE!
Good luck with that one BRAVO, but somehow I doubt that menopausal women will want to claim JILL as one of their own, that kind-of thing is not caused by hormones, being Jewish, or even being wealthy, its caused by jealousy & insecurity, and its universal.
I guess I have to give BRAVO a little credit for beating JILL at her own game, and using the user, and I still don't feel sorry for her since she should have known better.