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Friday, June 18, 2010

Jill's Made her Bed.....

will we get to see her lie in it?  She began officially promoting her line of bedding tonight in a newsletter.
ALEX posted a BRAVO blog that shows how very low JILL has sunk, including mention of AMAZON-GATE and how JILL tried to misdirect, and confuse people about what really happened. I knew that JILL was evil just by seeing the faces that she made on the fusica sofa, but ALEX goes-into detail about some diabolical crap that JILL has pulled off-camera.
No mention of the accusations that KELLY'S PLAYBOY photos were taken 20 years ago.
Seeing more of KELLY'S idiocracy, (and JILL'S undying support of KELLY), left myself feeling let-down by BRAVO tonight.
KATHY GRIFFIN told ANDY a story about JILL pushing her way into KATHY'S dressing-room, and planting herself there while KATHY was trying to take a break between two shows. Apparently, JILL acted-like she was helping KATHY by taking-over the souvenir-selling.
I wonder how many other celebs have had this not-cute stunt pulled on them by JILL?
KATHY was kind and didn't twist the knife and mention how JILL barged-into a segment that KATHY was taping with PARIS HILTON.
I don't know what goes-on in NYC, but I can tell you that JILL ZARIN will NEVER get backstage in ATLANTIC CITY again.
I guess my blog isn't over yet, because we have THE LOST FOOTAGE episode next Thursday, but I think I'll post my manifesto now, while I'm still PO'D  about feeling like there was not any closure with this season.
(and after a THREE-PART re-union, I think we're owed some closure!)
I am not going to watch next season if JILL & KELLY are on the show.
I AM going to sign the petition, and post a link to it on top of this blog.
I don't know what BRAVO has in mind, but what I hear is that contract negotiations have not begun yet, but taping usually begins in the early Fall.
BETHENNY'S new show, is off to a great start. But, why not bring JASON, & BETHENNY, and her cast, over to the NY HOUSEWIVES, and just leave JILL and KELLY out of it?
KELLY keeps promoting the idea that her "drama" and JILL'S brand of drama is what brings the ratings.
Maybe for a little while, but a steady-diet of that kind of train-wreck television becomes frustrating unless you really are watching JERRY SPRINGER.
At least the NY bunch didn't do any hair-extension-pulling this season.
RAMONA got the best editing of the season, even with her "crazy-eyes" episode. The other women caused so much fuss, that RAMONA got a pass on any scrutiny.
I'd like to know more about where RAMONA got the $$ to invest in all of her business ventures.
The reason I'd like to know is because she goes on & on with her mantra about a woman needing her, "own money". Which is a disservice to ALL married people who live in community property states, because unless there's a pre-nup, or an inheritance, or you had it before you got married, all money in a marriage, belongs to both parties.
Since RAMONA has never been divorced, she's blissfully ignorant about this, but the way that she goes on & on about her mother's abusive marriage, and the fact that she, (incorrectly btw), assumed that her mom didn't have any money, "of her own", was why she didn't leave, is an incorrect assumption that many people in abusive relationships have.
I find it very disturbing that RAMONA and BRAVO have let that stand.
So, I'd like to see RAMONA correct her mistake there because telling people to stay in abusive relationships because they don't have "their own money", when they actually have at least HALF of all marital assets, is just wrong, and it needs to be corrected.
I'm glad that ALEX & SIMON also got a total pass this season. They may be pretentious, but how many times could we watch them be blasted by JILL for having the audacity to vacation during the off-season?
Now that ALEX & SIMON are being portrayed more as real people, they are so much more likable.
I wonder if watching LUANN deal with keeping her title or getting married will be interesting?
I could probably leave or take LUANN, especially since she's admitted that she has, (interesting), parts of her life that she refuses to share on camera.
SONJA said that she wants to return. She's done a great job this season & I hope that she can keep it up.
I really don't feel like watching someone ruin themselves on this show again.
I think that BRAVO started bringing the crazy with KIM from ATLANTA, and they've been going downhill since. I hope that BETHENNY'S new show is a hint of the direction that they're heading towards.
I've already seen a couple strange message-board postings about BETHENNY'S show, and seriously, if any of that kind of thing is tracked back to JILL, I think she should be sued. The AMAZON thing put her on notice, and if she hasn't learned that lesson, she may have to learn the hard way. (in court).
I really don't think that BETHENNY'S show deserves any criticism at this point. Personally, I didn't think I would like the show, or find it interesting at all, and its very cute, funny, and entertaining.
I don't know how BETHENNY was able to escape JILL'S clutches, and I can't imagine BETHENNY'S show with JILL in it, and I hope it stays that way.
REAL HOUSEWIVES is not SURVIVOR, or BIG BROTHER, but some cast members (JILL who acts like it is), and KELLY, who is pathological, should have their torches extinguished, and sent be "off-the-island".