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Thursday, June 17, 2010

RE-UNION PART III, Episode 17, Season III

KELLY walked-off the set. The ladies on the left-side couch, all agreed that KELLY was the "bully" on the trip.
"She was escorted on a plane with a producer, and that is what happened."
"She wasn't cooking, the chef was cooking."
"She was cooking." (meaning BETHENNY)
"It doesn't matter."
"They're not real life feelings, like how your kids feel."-(KELLY)
"They should apologise."-(KELLY)
"We received a lot of email,...did you get help?"
"Recover from what?"-(KELLY)
"KELLY, no one was mean to you."-(RAMONA)
BREAK! for commercial," bethenny getting married? "
Hmmmm, would I rather watch a bunch of harpies screaming at each other, OR a cute show with BETHENNY, COOKIE, and JASON?
Now we see repeats of JILL showing-up on the island.
JILL is giggling.
ANDY asks SONJA if it was OK to throw JILL off the island.
JILL rolls her eyes and looks at KELLY & LUANN when SONJA says that ALEX was hyperventilating.
JILL says
"hyperventilating.", in a stage-whisperer.
They talk about how BETHENNY  & RAMONA called JILL to ask her to help KELLY in NYC.
RAMONA stood-up and got in JILL'S face & started screaming.
"I'm pented-up"-(RAMONA)
ANDY asks RAMONA why she is so upset. RAMONA says because she's been watching the show seeing all of the nasty things that JILL says behind her back.
BETHENNY said nothing during a long, drawn-out conversation about JILL showing-up on the island.
RAMONA says that she had a premonition about JILL coming, and that she asked BETHENNY about it.
RAMONA says that BETHENNY said that she didn't think that ALEX could take it.
JILL says that she was a mess for three days after that.
KELLY complains about BETHENNY "running back and forth.", on the boat.
RAMONA says, to KELLY,
"WHAT are you talking about?"
Now we get to watch highlights of LUANN
She really had a boring season.
ANDY asks about THE COUNT, something was said about JACQUES being a JEW, and how THE COUNT would be surprised,  "Does he not like Jews?" "Is he still with the Ethiopian Princess?"
"I don't think so."-(LUANN)
BETHENNY & RAMONA called her out on extramarital adventures-a viewer.
"I prefer not to answer that."-(LUANN)
RAMONA & BETHENNY apologized.
If LUANN does not remarry, she can keep her title, even if THE COUNT remarries.
LUANN says it is a "courtesy title."
(is that like a courtesy car that you get when your other car is being repaired?)
We see a peak of JILL acting like she's on JERRY SPRINGER, accusing ALEX of being, "spread-eagle", in her "husband's hotel."
Is JILL trying to say that ALEX is nasty? Funny, but JILL comes-across as the nasty one here.
Now we see scenes of KELLY.
They hardly showed a thing from the island.
ANDY reads-off a list of contradictions that KELLY has made.
"If one day I feel like being one person, and the next day feel like being someone else, that's OK."
BETHENNY says something like, are they not supposed to believe anything she says.
"I'm asking you to celebrate who I am."-(KELLY)
"You can't say you're shy, and then pose for PLAYBOY."-(LUANN)
"There's a lot of chatter. I don't listen to the conversation...right now, I'm at about a 2, I'm about to turn you guys off."-(KELLY)
"See, when I'm able to speak, its perfect."-(KELLY)
ANDY reads a TWEET. "I am so embarrassed by these women these fake stories bore me...."
"Its always me."-(KELLY)
"I always feel like I'm in a very combative situation."-(KELLY)
"Are you insane?"-(BETHENNY)
"They're unpredictable, which means that they're dangerous."-(KELLY)
KELLY says that she wanted to pose for PLAYBOY to give her daughters a good image.
ANDY asks ALEX about posing naked.
JILL says, "You can't compare your pictures to PLAYBOY."
 ANDY asks who will come back.
BETHENNY-"I don't know."
RAMONA says that she likes everyone.
ALEX says that she wants to see what happens next-yes.
SONJA says yes.
LUANN says we'll see
KELLY says, we'll see.
JILL, "I don't know." JILL says about ALEX, "She clearly hates me."
JILL says that she wants to see BETHENNY'S baby. She asks if she can give BETHENNY a hug.
BETHENNY says OK. They hug.
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