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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

KELLY tells E that all NY HOUSEWIVES Will be back

So a clip of the E-interview that is on E! News today is up on their site. E has been running teasers, and yesterday asked, "Will KELLY come back next season?"
They answer in narration, and the announcer says that KELLY says that she thinks they'll all be back for a fourth season.
I wonder if KELLY hersef says this in the complete interview? If not, why have the interviewer say it?
Maybe it was an after-thought, and they added it in while editing, so that they could use the question for a teaser/promo for the interview?
KELLY also tells E! that, "Crazy sells!"
Remember the other night on the reunion when KELLY claimed that she never mentions BETHENNY's name in the media?
She has some weird comments about how now that BETHENNY shares HER, (KELLY'S!), "value system", that KELLY & BETHENNY could be friends. KELLY says that she an d BETHENNY were "different" before, but now they're not.
Does she mean that BETHENNY is a mom now?, Or that BETHENNY is rich & famous now?
Who knows what she means.