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Friday, February 25, 2011

Bethenny Ever After

Jelly Jill?

Set your reminder for this Monday at 10pm for Bethenny Ever After.
Better-yet, why not have Andy remind you? If I can download a ring-tone-anyone can. All you have to do is send a text-message to 27286 (BRAVO), and input, "ANDY411". Voila!
"Andy Cohen's got the 411..."
Yep. My guilty-little-secret is out every time my phone rings. 
Bethenny really does look stunning in these promotional photos by Adam Olszewski for Bravo.
And I finally found a reason to use the word, "jelly"-as-defined by Kyle of RHWOBH. (see photo caption). I really didn't think that was possible.
Speaking-of Jill, I decided to take-a-peek at her calendar, to see if she had any plans for Monday evening at 10 pm, (not yet), and it looks-like Jill 2.O (<---here) made it's debut sometime yesterday. Jill has given her website an up-doo, and she invites comments in her pink & brown blog.
Jill, Danielle, Dina, and Teresa, ALL display monograms on their sites. Is there some-kind of requirement in the Real Housewives sorority that they must make a monogram/logo out of their initials? Maybe its just the fame-whore in them?
I found another promo-photo, for Bethenny Ever After, and this one confirms my suspicion that Bethenny and the late Gilda Radner, are Doppelgangers, or at least look-a-likes.
Photo-credit Andrei Jackamets/Bravo

So were Gilda and Bethenny separated at birth? I don't really think so, but they share the comedienne gene in their DNA. And I think that Jill saw that too.
Jill tried to promote herself & Bethenny as, "Lucy and Ethel"-(Jill Zarin). Only one problem; if Jill gets to be Lucy, and of course she does-she's got red-hair. What does that make Bethenny? -Ethel?
Ethel Mertz?
Oh Heck No! 
Nope. Does that beautiful Woman in Red look like an Ethel? In my opinion, the split between Lucy &Ethel , I mean Jill & Bethenny, had less to do with, "Get a hobby"-(Bethenny to Jill), and a lot more to do with Bethenny Ever After, and, "go find someone else to be your damn Ethel!".