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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Bethenny Getting Worried?

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The ratings for last night's premier of Bethenny Ever After are in. According to TV-By The Numbers (link here), The show was seen by 1,500,000 people.
In general, that may be an acceptable number for Bravo, but I'm sure that they were hoping-for, and expected better.

Bethenny Getting Married, in comparison, drew a record-breaking, 2,096,000, for it's premier episode, last year.
The Real Housewives of DC premier episode rating of 1,700,000, (all data from TV By The Numbers, (here)) was considered somewhat of a, "flop", compared-to what The Housewives franchise was doing at that time.
The New Jersey Housewives (<---link to ratings chart), at this time, are still the ratings "winner", out of all of The Housewives, after hitting the almost 4 million viewer mark, in it's second season. The Miami wives, pulled-in 1,200,000 viewers for it's premier, which TV By The Numbers headlined as , "Not so Hot".
   *The Real Housewives of Miami aired the premier earlier as a surprise sneak-preview which was not included in those numbers.

One-and-a-half million Bravo viewers, are not considered a "failure", and series tend to have a build-up as plot-lines develop, but I have to assume that this rating was a disappointment for some people. The variables involved include the time-slot, which varies from 9pm, to 10pm, and the day of the week that the show is aired. Also, Bethenny Getting Married followed directly on-the-heels of the drama-filled third season of The Real Housewives of New York. So you have competition and complimenting between the Housewives franchise itself, as another thing to consider.

Meanwhile, Bethenny Ever After got off to a start, and the only thing that everyone can seem to agree-on so far, is that baby Bryn, is adorable. The jokes about Jason's hometown are causing some controversy, and the dilemma about setting, "boundaries", with the Grandparents, (and Bethenny's attitude), is another  debated topic. I have to say that I hope that there was some creative editing involved, when it came-to Jason's narrative scene. What kind-of husband announces that he's concerned that his wife will, "hurt" his parents, {feelings}?  That just seemed really strange to me & I'm hoping that it was edited out-of-context.

Bethenny also threw a bit of a fit about her book, A Place of Yes, (Amazon link up-top), claiming that since she's become a mother, everything has changed for her and she's not the same person who wrote that book months earlier. She said that she was going to throw the entire manuscript away & start-over! The book is being released on March 22nd, and already in the top 2000 sellers at Amazon.com, in pre-sales. On top of everything else that we know about Bethenny's busy life, she somehow found the time, (or is finding it now), to read and record the audio-version of A Place of Yes in her own voice. The audio-version is also available as a pre-order on Amazon.

CORRECTION! There was an error posted regarding Bethenny Getting Married? premier ratings. It has been corrected.