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Monday, March 7, 2011

Bethenny's Getting Carried?-Away?

Women's Wear Daily gave us a sneak-preview of Bethenny's latest. What is it? I'm not really sure, but I know that I don't have one of these things. Do I need one?  Here's what Bethenny has to say about this little number:
"…and a sexy apron with a bra, a fun item with a little skirt you might wear for Valentine’s Day to wake up in and fix your husband breakfast in." (-Bethenny to WWD)
The article on WWD.com, (linked above), gives us all the "skinny" on what else Bethenny's been up to, merchandizing-wize. Plus a mini-interview with some juicy details.
Yes, this is Bethenny's version-of, "shape-wear" the rest of the line, "coming-soon" as it says on her website www.bethenny.com where she also says that the underwear are, "problem-solving undergarments"(-Bethenny). I cannot imagine what kind-of problem that this item could solve. But if you have one of those impossible dilemmas, this just might do the trick. (and yeah, I think I do mean that as a pun, "trick", like maybe a hooker would need one of these?)
In other tight-fitting, circulation-cutting news, at least this doesn't look like it will send someone to the ER, like, Joan Collins recently was, or stop taping of The Real Housewives of Atlanta Re-Union, like Phaedra had to do, because-of GIRDLES.
How can Bravo support this kind-of Squeeze-Couture torture (Jill's line), for women? And now they want us to watch something called, Pregnant in Heels? (premier April 5th) I hope that they're only joking about that, because I've always heard that its risky for pregnant women to wear high-heels. Something about balance being affected. Should Bravo start using a warning-sign before its programs? Like a, "Don't try this at home"?
Combined-with Ramona's Pinot-Grigo, and Kandi's sex-toys, things could get really, really DANGEROUS!