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*(Added April 30th, it has come to my attention that some of the rumors posted on this blog are definitely FALSE. Most rumors are clearly labeled as such, but in case I missed any, please keep that in mind)

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Happy Blogaversary! What a difference a Year Makes!

Looks like The Real Housewives of New York are back in business tonight, and with that I am celebrating the official Blog-o-versary of this blog!
OK-I'm, off by about a month or so since last-year, the NY Housewives began in February, and so did this blog, but this is Bravo-reality we're talking about here. Where even time is a little-bit unreal.
And boy did we learn about unreality in Housewife-land since last year!
Maybe not so much when it comes to our New York gals? But starting with last-season's New Jersey Housewives, Bravolebrities, and Real Housewives in particular, were put on notice that we take our reality seriously.

This blog has changed a lot since last season, and I hope for the better. Some of the older posts may look funny on this and my New Jersey Housewives blog, since I've changed the format a little. I'm no-longer typing proper-names in ALL CAPS, which probably makes it easier on the eyes. I try to add pretty photos to the post with proper attribution of course, and I signed-up with NBC-Media Village to be able to use their Bravo press-release info. and photos here. (thanks to my editor, ED Ditor ;).
I've also changed my links, and hope to update some more.

I originally started blogging the Housewives as a protest of TWOP's policy, and the Bravo-blogs policy about comments.
Instead-of re-capping the episodes, I decided to re-quote them in real-time, since there are so many other great bloggers out there that re-cap so well. Hopefully, I'll update my links with even more good ones this season.
I decided early-on not to allow comments on this blog. Instead I like to comment on other blogs that I have links-to. But if anyone needs to get a hold of me the email is in the upper right-hand side.

I know that Twitter was around before last season, but it really took-off for the Housewives franchise in 2010/2011, which sometimes helps to "keep it real", and sometimes just helps the women make more endorsement$$ .I 'm on Twitter as @Housewifehater. I update there when I post new items here.
It looks like everyone of the New York cast survived Season III, and is back for more, including Kwazy-Kelly. Her excuse for what we saw of her last Season? She says that she was making,
                                                    "great television"-(Kelly)
Really? Is that what she calls it? OK Kelly, whatever you say. But here in the real world, I still reserve the right to call it "pathological".As for the rest of the bunch, and the new Housewives, I'll be watching & re-quoting© again, and commenting here and there and on Twitter.