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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Episode 1, Season IV Re-Quotes©

Jill's tag-line this season is, "Good or bad I know who I am and I own it."-Jill
We open with a party that Ramona is throwing. We see a bottle of wine labeled, "Ramona".
Jill walks-in wearing the ugly, one-shouldered blue dress that Lee Black wore to the Miami reunion. (ha ha and Lee was criticized on-air for not being fashion-forward"-Jill must have not loved that).

"I got ice from Alex"-Jill"Last year was very humbling for me"-Jill

talks about how she is insulted that Jill just walked into the party, "minimising"-pretending that last year never happened.

"That's not OK"--Alex proclaimed.

Jill & Kelly are chatting..

"Ya know wht? I'm not a phony friend"-(Jill)They talk about Bethenny and what happened. Jill trys to explain her point.

We see Ramona in a cut-away, saying that Jill suffers from,


Jill asks Kelly if she was invited to Ramona's party, Kelly says that she was but that,

"Last time that I saw her she was calling me crazy."-(Kelly)

and how she didn't like to be "diagnosed".

We see Alex and Simon's home office. It looks like an attic, or dungeon somewhere in their home. Alex uses a lawn-chair at her desk.

Alex talks to someone about being signed to model. She talks about how she and Simon have to make their own money now, since Simon is not employed.

We see Kelly saying that just because someone is a model,

"...does not mean that you're pretty."-(Kelly), she goes-on to explain that what it means is that you are "photogenic."

An Art gallery.

"My first impression of Cindy is that she's very Downtown"-Ramona
     "I had a bikini problem, and I knew I had to find a solution"-       (Cindy)
     "I'm obviously an older woman who was able to ....the IVF process."-(Cindy)
"I really feel like I'm living proof that a woman can have it all without the husband"-(Cindy)

(Why does Cindy's situation make me think-of that old song, I am my own Grandpa? She also had her own grandchildren, without having children!)

Peter Tunney-artist

"She's just like Ginger."-Jill referring to one of Cindy's babies.
Kelly says something about Alex and Simon not being able to afford to buy art, but that they'll come to the opening of an envelope.

tells the camera that her mom had brain cancer.

"Would it be too personal if I asked a cupola questions?"
"How did you?????"
"Did you have the babies yourself?"-(Jill)
Sonja tries to hook-up with a gorgeous bald man. Luann & Cindy play wing-man.

Ramona interviews new assistants.
She starts giving tips to the women who are interviewing.
Ramona has a nice office & she and her assistant dress for success.

Sonja, Luann,Luann's boyfriend,  and the bald guy, (Brian), are having a double dinner-date.

Alex and Simon are guests at Ramona's & Mario's Hampton beach-house because they are all going to a wedding together.
They are planning to surprise Jill. Jill doesn't know that Alex & Simon are going to be at this wedding.

Jill is predictably, "Shocked"-(Jill)

There is an awkward meeting.

They are all mutual friends of Jennifer the bride.

Who invites the cast and cameras of The Real Housewives of New York to their formal wedding?

Ramona was talking behind Cindy's back, and it just so happened that Cindy was standing behind her-embarrassing!

Jill talks about Alex during the reception. She calls her  "B", and a bitch.

"Look at her! She is socializing at a party that is so above her."-(Jill)
Ramona & Alex both wore ivory colored dresses to the wedding. Jill makes sure to point-out how inappropriate it is.
Earlier in this episode, Jill told the camera that, "No matter what anyone does, I will always be nice, and kind"-(Jill)

I guess showing-up at a wedding that you're invited-to is just so out-of-line, that Jill forgot her "rules" for a second there? (insert sarcasm emoti-thingy)