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Friday, April 8, 2011

About Last Night's Episode

"Look at her! She is socializing at a party that is so above her."-(Jill)

Whew. What a thing to say. On last night's episode, it appeared that Jill said that about Alex. But now I'm not so sure. On Watch What Happens Live, (WWHL), Jill told Andy to notice the fact that the audio of her saying that had been edited-in. It was obvious that what was being heard, did not match what her lips were saying.

So now do we have to go back and lip-read? It could be real interesting. Jill did admit to Andy that she did say those words. But she could have been talking about any woman at the wedding. That still does not make what she said acceptable in my opinion. Who is Jill to judge?

A woman who claims to have been the president of a one-hundred-million-dollar company. I'm not impressed with that. In my opinion, anyone who would say something like that about anyone is really talking about themselves. Jill makes wealthy people look bad. If I had a-hundred mil, I'd be embarrased to be in the same financial class as she is. Unfortunately, Jill is an embarrasement to the human-race, Jews, women, red-heads.....she's in a class by herself I guess, and its not a good one.

I wondered how so many Real Housewives of NY, could all be invited to the same wedding. The wedding did not make The New York Times wedding columm (link HeRE), so I was unable to find a report. I did collect some interesting facts from Ramona's Bravo-blog (link HeRE) & elsewhere while trying to find the info. Bride's name, Jennifer. Groom, Glenn. Date of wedding: September 23, 2010. (the day before the Gay March for Equality on the Brooklyn Bridge). Venue: Jill's old house in the Hamptons, which was sold to someone else. RHWONY in attendence: Jill, Cindy, Ramona, Alex.

Jill may be able to dodge a bullet and say that she didn't say that about Alex, but that's only going to help her relationship with Alex and Simon. I think that Andy had Jill as guest on WWHL last night for a reason. Only the first two episodes have been made available for pre-views, and if the dirty-trick that the producers/editors played on Jill last night are a hint, she may be in for another really bad season.