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Monday, April 11, 2011

Nice Job! Commenters CATCH! Reality FAKE!

Awesome job of blog readers and commenters ferreting-out the facts on "Extreme Coupon Fraud". Jill Cataldo explains how it all works on her blog, http://www.jillcataldo.com/(HeRE) .I've copied Jill's list-of contributers to the effort that it took, to reveal the truth about TLC'S surprize runaway ratings hit.Jill reminds readers several times that such use of coupons is stealing, but I must say that it is an interesting trick. It took me until about the middle of the blog-post to fully understand how the scam works, and to see exactly how the TLC couponers were CAUGHT RED-HANDED! But they did a thourough job of proving their point. Again-Great Job and congratulations for busting REALITY LIES!
  "Readers from SlickDeals.com, AFullCup.com, The C.W. Night Owls, TelevisionWithoutPity.com, New Jersey Couponers and of course, this blog, contributed to this story. I sincerely appreciate everyone's input, observations, and screen captures. This is not a story written by one person -- it was written by many (especially considering that I don't have cable.) Special thanks to Alanisrox69, Timmsa, Debate, Holamelitta, with another round of thanks to the passionate crew at The C.W. Night Owls, and anyone else I am forgetting."-Jill Cataldo credits many for coupon caper