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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Season IV Episode 2 Re-Quotes

Brian Farrell Artist on Facebook (link)
"I've always had opinions, but now people know it"-Alex
(opening line)

Luann is at Sonja's house getting ready for the Big Gay Wedding March.
Kelly arrives with a gift of flowers for Sonja. Alex shows-up and
thanks everyone for coming. Sonja does like-wise. In narration, Kelly asks, "So is it Sonja's day, or Alex's day?" and goes-on to say that
she's there to support the cause.
"I think Alex was taking the whole thing way too seriously...she was
like an infomercial..she kept going on & on &on."-Luann
Sonja was asked to lead the march and speak as the Grand Marshall.
"Its not your day"-(Alex to Sonja, in narration)

"I'm so happy that you guys came to support me"-Sonja
Surprisingly, Simon was not wearing a wedding dress. For some reason,
Sonja decided that she was the only one out of the Housewives allowed to give a speech. There is an argument about this.
"I have documentation"-Sonja
"I'm pretty disappointed"-Simon
"I feel like its been hi-jacked"-Alex
"If this were you're day I wouldn't be...."-Sonja
"One word from you, and Simon can speak."-Alex
It looked-like, (ha ha or was edited to look-like, the Housewives were causing a big fuss & commotion while speeches were being given.)
Jill shows-up with Ginger.
"They asked Simon to speak."-Alex
"I don't know why you,...leave me alone, stop picking on me."-Jill to Alex
www.meny.us (url on the podium)
In narration Alex explains what a crappy job she thinks Sonja did with her speech.
We see Howie and Cindy. Howie is Cindy's brother.
"He's my best friend."-Cindy
"Ramona started talking about that cigar incident."-Howie
"Carol freaks, so I just grabbed her and pulled her away."-Howie

The "brides" descend on Simon and Alex's place in Brooklyn.
"Even-though Alex and I have had our differences in the past..."-Jill
"We have to talk"-Alex to Jill
"Not now"-Jill
The chums enter.(Simon & Alex's boys)
"Don't crawl up her leg"-Alex
"He can crawl up my leg."-Jill

Sonja and artist bald Brian (Ferrel?) are discussing painting.
Brian painted Sonja and he shows her the painting.
"I look-like 80 years-old".-Sonja (she did). She asks Brian to fix the
painting to make her look younger.

Luann & Sonja bump-boobs and do lunch at Sonja's favorite place, La
They decide to drink Pink Champagne.
"What happened? We went there as a unified group".-Sonja
"Alex has finally found her voice unfortunately its aggressive."-Luann

Ramona hosts a table at an event honoring Gucci. She explains that she
didn't invite Kelly because she is "embarrassed" by Kelly.
Alex tells Ramona about the argument at the Gay Wedding March.
Sonja & Kelly show-up together.
Kelly narrates that Mr. Gucci invited her to the event.
Sonja is wearing ostrich feathers.
Ramona decides to invite Kelly to her table.
"We don't click...she's like 8 years older than me."-Kelly to Sonja
about Ramona
"I don't want to be bitten by the same dog twice."-Kelly
"Why are they being so irresponsible and pretending that it never happened."-Ramona about Kelly's meltdown on the island.

"How many salons do you have?"-Luann
"5-we're about to go national."-Cindy
They talk about depiliation.

Sonja is having a big art party at her place.
"...Simon-is that your husband's name? I don't ever want to have him in my ear like that again.That was horrible"-Sonja to a drop-jawed Alex
"I'll tell you what is horrible..."-Alex
"You turned into like a bridezilla."- Sonja
I was invited to speak and you were not- Sonja
"Actually I was, and I'll tell you what happened.."-Alex(she gets cut-off)
they bicker back and forth and Sonja decides to throw Alex out of her house.
Alex refuses to leave until she makes her point.
"I don't know what Alex was wearing to Sonja's party, it was some kind-of S&M bondage-thing? I would have kicked her out just for the dress."-Luann
"She has the worst manners I've ever seen."-Sonja
"She obviously does not belong."-Luann
Alex tells Simon on her cell-phone while she's hailing a taxi-"I think I need a drink."-Alex

Kelly arrives.
"Alex McCord-she grew a pain in Saint John and she's been swinging
them."-Sonja in narration.
The painting was unveiled.
I don't think that Brian knows how to paint eyes.
It still isn't very flattering.

Later, On Watch What Happens Live, Andy makes a remark that although Gay Marriage has not been legalized in New York, that they have approved a bill to make sure that Alex and Sonja don't march for equality again.