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Saturday, April 16, 2011

This Lady GET'S IT! She said "NO"-to Extreme Coupons!

Ignore the Chola-eyebrows, and listen to what this woman has to say. (although she could be right about the brows too?) . Its a fast almost 15 minute video.
I've been obsessed with TLC'S Extreme Coupons since the scandal broke last week. (see post below).
Who knew that you can use TWO "Buy one get one FREE!", (BOGO) coupons, to get two FREE products?
I don't usually post videos here, so if I do, there's a good reason. I think this may be THE SMARTEST WOMAN IN AMERICA.
The video is an explanation to her regular viewers, for the reasons that she decided NOT to be on Extreme Coupons. She READ THE CONTRACT! She was concerned about how her home, and her family would be portrayed!
bigcouz52 was fully-aware of the opportunities that appearing on a national basic-cable could provide for her, and at one point, she reflects-back on living in a homeless-shelter in the not-too-distant past.
I like how she lays-out her thought-process in this piece. How she comes to the conclusion that it might not be such a good idea.
And she was RIGHT!
In the world of Reality Television, my new favorite character is bigcouz52. I'm going to catch-up on all of her videos. Next-up, "Quite Frankly...I Think They Stealing..." (LINK HERE), and "They Stealing These Too...I Just Know IT!!!!", if only because I LOVE the titles.
If anyone is considering exposing themselves and their family by appearing on a Reality show, this video should be required watching.