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Friday, February 18, 2011

Exclusive! Inbox Full on Kindle for Blogger

No one else has this because I had to use my hacking skillz to code it. Presenting: Chapter one, of InboxFull  by Cat from Real Housewives of DC on Blogspot.(scroll to the end of this post to start reading now)
WARNING! Chapter one is FREE! that is true, but it ends with a cliff-hanger, and you might just be tempted to purchase the download, or the paperback just to see what happens next.
If you don't have a Kindle yet, I would recommend downloading Kindle for PC for FREE, on Amazon if you want to read Kindle-books on your computer or phone/device.
Its easy to download Amazon's Kindle for PC, and then all you have to do to read the first chapter, and/or samples of just about anything that Amazon sells, by downloading it to your Kindle for PC, and hitting, "sync".
If you would like to download the rest of the book, click the title below, and all of the instructions are there. (current cost $9.99). I've been using the, "read the first chapter, and/or sample on Kindle for FREE!", a lot lately, and this "Kindle for Web (beta)"-on Blogger is a lot of fun, but I don't recommend purchasing a Kindle device, since Amazon is being a little stingy with the technology. I own a Nook, myself, but Inbox Full is currently not available for that device. With the Nook, I can download items that my local library has purchased, and I've found the Kindle to be more restrictive as far as that is concerned.
Inbox Full (Volume 1)AMAZON LINK HERE

Inbox Full (Volume 1)AMAZON LINK HERE
Back in September, after reading a teaser for Inbox Full on 10,0000 papercuts, I tried to find ordering info. about the book, but it was unavailable. HERE is a link to that story.  So, I guess that there are some problems getting this thing on paper?
The Real City Housewife, who may or may not be a blond who looks like Reese Witherspoon with sunglasses, or a large, hairy-balled man, depending who you ask, has an exclusive interview with Cat(here), on her website. Too bad that I could not leave a link to this freebie or Kadooze, but I'm currently blocked from posting there, for reasons unknown to myself.