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Monday, February 14, 2011

Jill's Book Tour-The Show Must Go On?

So the premier of Season IV is a dud and the ladies are all scrambling to salvage their carefully-planned merchandising tie-ins. Jill Zarin's book is set to be re-released in paperback on March 1st, with a bonus chapter on Bullying added, and another book-tour planned for the re-launch of this book. She is also scheduled to launch a girdle tomorrow night. Jill  has a promotion going-on right now for anyone who pre-orders 10 copies of the paperback. She promises to personally call anyone who purchases 10 copies. This is confusing because the deal is/was for Jill to call on February 15th, the night of the premiere. So are the phone-calls pushed-back?  Here's the info. from: http://www.secretsofajewishmother.com(here)

Jill has links, and recommends on her websites, that you buy the paperback version of her book at Borders, and Barnes & Nobles. The reason for this is obviously an attempt on Jill's part to avoid directing anyone to the ugly facts of AMAZON-GATE, and the nasty reviews posted on Amazon that are attached to the paperback version.
The Borders (here) pre-order cost is $9.00, and as-of today, there are no reviews posted.
Curiously, the Barnes & Noble (link here) listing for the new edition, is not listed as a pre-order, although they do have the correct publication date, (March, 2011), they are currently taking orders for the paperback version, and saying that it, "usually ships within 24 hours". There is one, one-star rating currently posted.
I'm including Amazon links, because I have an affiliate account there, and because they have this cute Blog version of the first chapter FREE!. (this is the hard-cover 1st chapter/Kindle version).
Currently, the pre-order price for the paperback on Amazon is $10.20, but the Kindle version that does not have the new chapter on bullying, will cost you more, ($12.99)-to download the book from Amazon Kindle.

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