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Friday, July 15, 2011

Awards time here! Presenting The Wire-Hangers

After watching episode 15 of Season 4 of The Real Housewives of New York City, AND reading the cast blogs, there are not enough words. So I'm posting this video to Alex McCord, on behalf of the State of Kansas,  and The Countess. Although Alex blushes and chokes on the word, "Class", in attempting to prove that she possesses some, she reveals her cultural ignorance, and dare I say it, her crudeness?
Apparently, Bravo gave our gals some homework this week and asked them to expound on the topic of, "Class". Alex makes the mistake of using Countess Luann as an example-of what class is not. Tsk, tsk, for all-of Alex's to-the manor-born chatter, where did she learn her manners?
"I don’t want to be attached to a song about "cl--s" lying within the soul. When she's ready to stop with the pretension and have fun doing Kurt Weill or Foxy Brown, great." Alex's blog on the "C"-word, (here)
It wasn't enough for Alex to win the Ultimate Taco Grande' Supreme Pope-hat in the category of "Pretty" for the evening, she also walked-off with the "Kelly" award for cognitive dissonance.
There are so many bitch-slaps in this video, that it would be wasteful to dedicate all of them to Alex. Again on behalf of The Countess, I'd like to award Ramona a paper-plate with money glued on it, and her own royal title, Grand pooh-bah of Bitch, and Ultimate Nacho-Supreme of Nastiness.
In IIlana Angel's Keeping It Real Recap, (link HeRE), she wonders if LuAnn cried when she walked-out after Ramona dished-out a huge helping of mean for lunch. I would have too. And let's not forget that in real-life, and real-time, Ramona took it a step further by mean-Tweeting an incriminating video of Luann's daughter Victoria misbehaving to thousands, while LuAnn was making her video in Frantic City.
While I'm handing-out prizes, can someone please send Sonja Morgan a new toaster-oven? Do those eggs come with a tetanus-shot? Or was that just a case of the old new-girl trying to bump-off the new new-girl?
Jill Zarin wins the USO-Trooper award for this episode. I'm hoping that she gets some good zingers in at Ramona during the upcoming Re-Union. There've been rumblings of a Jill vs Ramona feud off-screen, and I can only hope that we get to see some of that before the season is over.
I'm awarding Cindy the Hair-today, gone tomorrow award, because she is so BLA and because she made the crucial mistake of implying that her WORK, is so much more important than Sonja's dance-class, or breakfast at Sonja's.
Kelly doesn't get a prize because she has an agenda. She's about as much fun as a hairy bucket of recycled-wax in Cindy's salon. In the "Class will out, Class will tell", category, The Countess stole the show by exhibiting Grace under Fire. Well-done LuAnn. These slaps are for you!