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Thursday, July 7, 2011

An update to this site's policy

I just finished answering an email and I would like to share it with readers of this blog. Sorry to be so confusing. I do love to receive email and contributions, but I am very strict about not posting emails unless I have permission. Some of you may have received emails from me that are marked, "confidential" etc., and I would hope that that request is honored, but you never know.
In any event, I like to make it a policy to regard ALL emails as "private", unless explicitly stated otherwise.
(even the mean ones ha ha)
I think that I have already mentioned that I LOVE ♥ open-comments, but that moderating them myself is just not something that I want to volunteer-for.
THANK-YOU to everyone who visits here and responds on Twitter, or email, but I also want to be sure to let you know that I also value your privacy so I will not post your messages/names...unless you let me know that it is OK. (something like "OK to post this").
Here is the email that I mentioned above. (name deleted)
Hi (name deleted)-thanks for reading my blog. And to answer your question, sorry right now I have comments turned-off. Sorry I am so late getting back to you but I am in the middle of moving back into my home after a fire.
There IS a way to have your comments posted on my blog-(the NJ or NY one?).
Sorry if I am not to clear about it, but I do receive email and I make it a policy to never re-post email UNLESS I have explicit permission to do so.
Otherwise I just say, "a reader", or some generic thing.
But I DO accept guest-blogs, and I DO credit all contributions, as-long-as I have permission.
In an emergency, I would open the comments, but it has never come to that. Or maybe just for fun temporarily.
The problem is that I did run a message-board for ten years and I am burned-out on babysitting comments. It really is difficult and I even have to give IHJZ credit for attempting it in the first place.
Thank-you for letting me know that you visited my blog, and if you ever want to comment, or guest-blog, just let me know and I will be happy to re-post it. (credited or annon however you like).
Even-if you are critical, that would be fine.-TY-Housewifehater