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Friday, September 9, 2011

Was Biggest Loser Winner's Fall Another Reality-Show-Suicide Attempt?

Here's a clip announcing the new line-up on The Doctors.Its not the promo that was shown during breaks on today's episode, and I don't know what they are saying because my audio isn't working-but Jillian Michaels is featured in this short YouTube and I'd have to guess that she's saying something in her typical obnoxious, bullying way. Click "play" and read on...

The popular winning contestant from a previous season's The Biggest Loser, Sam Poueu, is reportedly still in critical condition after falling from a three-story building according to TMZ (story linked here).

I hope that he makes a full-recovery from his injuries, and any other problems that he may, or may not have.
It is quite possible that the injuries were caused accidentally, and no official or media source that I know-of has mentioned a suicide-attempt, but the reportedly, unknown/unreported circumstances of his fall begs the question.
                         "It's unclear how he fell"-(TMZ)
TMZ commenters were quick to speculate that suicide was the unspoken reason for Poueu's condition.
At the time that Poueu was competing for the title-of "Biggest Loser", Jillian Michaels was a show-host, and cross-between a personal-trainer, drill-sergeant, and masochistic beast.
I was watching The Doctors, on CBS this afternoon, when I was rudely assaulted by a promo for Ms. Michael's upcoming addition to the cast of The Doctors.
What struck me about Michael's was her violent, aggressive screaming. It was directed towards what was apparently someone who had put themselves at the mercy of The Doctors for some help for their problem. She was doing an "in your face"-accusation of a mother of "child abuse", along-with any other mothers who have obese toddlers. She was also shown going-off on a mother who smokes, with some overly dramatic, loud, did I mention violent?, "advice".
In an article titled "Sparks Promised as Outspoken Jillian Michaels Joins The Doctors" in The Chicago Sun~Times, they say;  
"She wants to get to the bottom of why people aren’t taking the necessary steps to be as healthy as possible. “Why aren’t you getting that mammogram, that pap smear, or [cholesterol testing]?”-(Chicago Sun~Times) Really? Oh HELL NO!
I don't mind it if Kathy Griffin wants to spread her legs for the viewing-public as a gimmick and call it a public-health service, but I certainly don't need to hear a message that I may or may not agree is a healthy choice for MY VAGINA, My Breasts, and My Heart, being yelled at me by a bitch. And the vagina's, breasts, and hearts, of my sisters, daughters, and women everywhere as well.
How DARE she? After seeing the clip, I honestly thought about kicking Jillian Michael's ass. I wondered for a moment if she possesses any fancy martial-arts, or hand-to-hand combat-training in her bag of tricks, as I mentally fantasized about gaining a lot of weight, getting myself on The Biggest Loser, being a secret saboteur, and calling-her-out for the big, fat, (metaphorically-speaking), BULLY that she is.
But Michaels is not on The Biggest Loser anymore. Tennis pro Anna Kournikova will be taking her place in the next-round of that series. So I don't have to start binge-eating. But I was so offended by what I heard and saw during the breaks on The Doctors today, that it raised my personal suspicion that the once overweight, now Biggest Loser, and hospital patient Sam Poueu, may just be the most-recent Reality Celebrity, to make the leap from cast-member to a self-inflicted attempt at death.
What Michaels does may be entertaining to herself and some people, but it is the opposite of "healthy".

Hopefully Sam Poueu will make a speedy-recovery, and live to tell us all what happened. IF his treatment at the hands-of Jillian Michaels  had anything to do with his condition, we need to know about it.
Maybe The Doctors can do a segment about how the risk of death and serious injury seem to go-along with becoming a part of reality television? I cannot imagine that verbal, emotional, psychological, or mental-abuse by bullies will be a topic of this season's episodes with Jillian Michaels on the stage.