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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Top Chef Season 9 *UPDATE* NEW RULES!

So-far Bravo has been teasing us with that "Honky-Tonk" commercial featuring Padma wearing that crazy blue-dress, eating ribs and licking the sauce off of her fingers. But that isn't the only surprize they are planning for this season on Top Chef Dallas when it returns in November.
Bravo has changed the rules of the game, and eliminated contestants will now go into The "Last Chance Kitchen"-online!
10-minute or less webisodes, featuring Tom Colicio, and eliminated contestants will be posted online, AND viewers will have a chance to vote for the, "fan favorite". The winner of the "Last Chance Kitchen" will return to the on-air show, and have another chance to be in the finale.
Bravo is rolling-out this interactive/online addition to Top Chef for free to a wide-array of devices and formats including,  BravoTV.com, m.BravoTV.com,  BravoNow iPhone, iPad and Android apps, as well as Hulu, iTunes, Amazon, VOD, Zune, Playstation and wireless carriers.
Meanwhile, over on the Bravo blog, The Dish, a past contestant was asked to provide a recipe for RUM HAM, which was seen on It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia, last week.http://www.bravotv.com/blogs/the-dish/its-always-sunny-with-top-chefs-recipe-for-rum-ham